Sewer Repair Completed in Queens NYC

Recently in Queens we completed a sewer repair after our customer was denied coverage from her…

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3 Signs That Your Sewer Needs To Be Repaired

Getting work done on your sewer may not be desirable, but periodic maintenance is required to…

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Sewer Replacement in Brooklyn – Clay Pipe to Cast Iron

If you are experiencing sewer backs ups and have become aware it is a result of…

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Why Hire a Licensed Plumber? The Risk of A Non Licensed Plumber

It is often that we are required to take over jobs that were started by a…

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Things To Look For in a Quality Contractor

Are you in need of sewer repairs or maintenance but can’t seem to find the right…

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Top Reasons Why Sewer Repairs Are Not A Good Idea

The topic of replacing your entire sewer line or repairing a section is a widely discussed…

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The Difference Between Sludge and Sewage

The term “sludge” is often incorrectly applied to anything dirty, like mud, muck, and mire. Those…

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Here’s How To Calculate Sewer Capacity

On average, over a billion gallons of waste may travel through the New York City sewer…

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The Main Types of Sewer Systems Commonly Used

When we walk down the city streets, we don’t always think about what’s going on beneath…

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Harris Employee Profile Jackman

At Harris Water Main & Sewer we are grateful for our employees, their effort on a…

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