Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors are at the forefront of all sub-surface water main companies in the 5 boroughs. Our professional water main replacement and repair services continually help local NYC residents meet city regulations and ensure their home is safe. We have over 100 years’ experience with replacements, new main installations, and water main repair in NYC. We are best known for our ability to handle any size water main leak repair or replacement job in your requested time frame and at a cost-effective price. For all broken water main repairs in NYC, we are your licensed Master Plumber for Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. We specialize in all commercial and residential emergencies and the removal of DEP 3-day notices while obtaining all of the necessary permits as required for each job.

Who do you call for a water main break in NYC? Easy, Harris Water Main and Sewer. In the event of an emergency water main repair, it helps to have some peace of mind. At Harris Water Main & Sewer, our staff is always ready to answer your call, no matter the hour or the day of the week. With a team of specialists on hand 24/7, 365 days a year, we’re there to tend to your needs and assist you with our main water line replacement. No job is too big for our experts, when it comes to water main replacement or repair we can’t be beat. Whether you’ve suffered a leak or an all-out failure of your water service, you can rely on our water main leak repair in NYC.

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    Water Main Leaks & DEP 3-Day Notices

    It is common for a homeowner to first become aware of a water line leak after noticing a stream of water on the outside of the house, after experiencing low water pressure or receiving a 3-day notice violation from DEP.  There are several important facts to assist in determining if your pipe is leaking, where the leak is coming from and whether the leak is from your pipe or a neighbor’s pipe. Our emergency water main leak repair services can help you locate and repair a leaky line. Contact us today to find out more about our residential water main repair in NYC.
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    Important Information on Lead and Galvanized Water Mains

    If you currently have a damaged lead or galvanized water main, there is only one option in resolving your issue. It is 100% illegal to make a repair on a lead or galvanized pipe; it is also very risky as an old pipe becomes very brittle over time. Attempting to repair a lead pipe may turn what should be a quick repair, into a large and potentially costly emergency.

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    Water Main Replacement Cost

    There are several factors used when estimating the cost of a copper water line replacement. The primary factors used are:

    Size of the new pipe

    The distance of the house to the city water main

    When the city roadway was most recently paved

    If a new tap installation is required

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    Watch our step by step video on the water main installation process.
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