We understand that receiving a New York City DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) violation or notice can be a confusing and anxiety-provoking experience. As always, we’re here to answer your questions and provide immediate response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our NYC emergency water main repair staff is available after hours as well as on the weekends to provide you with a free estimate on emergency services for NYC DEP violations repairs. Read on to see how the experts at Harris Water Main and Sewer handle water main breaks and emergency repairs. Our NYC emergency water main repair company is best known for our competitive pricing and over 100 years of experience working in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. Call us if you need emergency water main break repair due to an NYC DEP violation or notice.

Three-Day Notice: The New York City DEP issues a Three-Day Notice due for a leaking water main—such as when a water main is damaged by electrolysis, which you can read more about here. DEP is made aware of a water leak when water is seeping out of the ground on a public street or property, there is a sinkhole in the roadway or on the property, or there is water coming into the house from the foundation wall. An emergency water main leak repair for the NYC DEP violation is necessary to prevent future damages, and the DEP may take more drastic action if the leak creates major damage. They may also extend the time period of the notice at their discretion. At Harris, we’re always on hand to answer questions or repair any water main leaks to quickly address these sorts of infractions.

Ten-Day Notice: Most often the DEP issues a ten-day notice in response to the termination of water service following an emergency or a failure to respond to previous notice. The property owner is required to respond to the DEP; a lack of response can result in the DEP returning to the site and permanently cutting off the water main service in question. Any Ten-Day Notice will also come with a $500-$1000 charge that will appear on a future water bill. The DEP charge is a result of the work performed while excavating the roadway to turn off your water service, where this may seem like a lot of money it is actually a fraction of the actual cost to complete the work.

DEP Cease and Desist Order: All Cease and Desist Orders from the DEP are meant to address severe cases pertaining to malfunctioning sewers. In these situations, roadway wash-outs, undermines, and other destruction can occur. It’s important for you to call on a team of licensed professionals to address these matters, as failing to do so can be both dangerous and costly.

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    What to do if your 3-day notice was issued in error?

    The DEP is accurate 99% of the time when assessing and issuing a Three-Day Notice however, it is possible that the most experienced, knowledgeable and professional DEP employees may misread a situation.

    If the contractor you have hired to satisfy your violation determines that the notice was issued in error and the leak is not from your water main pipe, you are still obligated to pay the contractor for their expenses incurred while determining the leak. The contractor will also assist you in following the necessary steps in filing your claim with the NYC DEP.

    The contractor will immediately contact DEP to make an onsite visit and confirm that the violation was issued in error.

    You must file a claim with the office of the NYC Comptroller. You can obtain this form here or go directly to the NYC Comptroller website and obtain the form yourself.

    It is important that you stay in contact with the Comptrollers regarding your claim, we highly advise that you stay on top of this matter to get your claim filed in the most reasonable time frame.

    Watch our step-by-step video on the water main leak repair and installation process here.

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