Fire Sprinkler Main Prevents Fire in Building

Most new construction and renovations are required to have a fire sprinkler water mains. The purpose of the main is to prevent a fire inside of the building. The water main is installed from the city main that is usually located in the roadway. The new pipe will travel from the roadway to inside the building. Once the new OS&Y valve is installed on the inside of the foundation, the internal plumber will take over and install sprinkler heads. The sprinkler head is part of the fire sprinkler system that discharges the water in the case of a fire.

The installation process

Fire sprinkler main installations are a standard routine for sub surface plumbing companies. The first step is obtaining permits with DEP and DOT. The DEP permit allows for the new water main to be connected to the city main. The DOT permit allows for the roadway to be excavated before the new pipe is installed. It also allows for the roadway to be paved upon completion.

The next step is to schedule the wet connection installation with DEP. The plumber must schedule accordingly and make sure the roadway is opened prior to the DEP arriving. The plumber will take the first day of work and excavate around the city main. Once the city main is exposed, it will be cleaned and prepared for the city to install the new wet connection.

The remainder of the roadway, sidewalk and property will be opened for piping installation. The most important part of the job is to make sure the city installs the wet connection. If the wet connection is not installed, the water will not be released from the city main. If the pipe does not have water flow, the property will not have fire protection.

The new pipe will be ductile iron or copper, this is pending the size of pipe. All water main pipe that is two inches and smaller must be copper. All water main pipe three inches and larger must be ductile iron.

The pipe will be installed from the wet connection to the curb valve, which is located within two feet of the curb line. The only way the curb valve will be located in another area is if there is an obstruction. For example, if there is a tree or a bench near the curb, the valve must be installed near the property line.

Next the pipe will be installed from the curb valve, through the foundation wall. At this point the new pipe will be connected to an OS&Y valve where the water can be controlled from inside the building.

Now that the new pipe is installed, your plumber will obtain a final DEP inspection which will allow your new sprinkler main sign off to be released.


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