What To Do When You Receive an NYC DEP Sewer Repair Order

As a building owner in the city, there’s nothing more stress-inducing than a letter from the Department of Environmental Protection demanding that you repair your sewer service line. Read on to learn what to do when you receive an NYC DEP repair order and how to avoid further issues.

The Typical NYC DEP Sewer Repair Order

Unfortunately, many New York City residents, specifically homeowners, don’t know about their personal responsibility relating to private water and sewer service lines. In reality, sewer line repairs aren’t covered by the DEP or most insurance policies. As such, the costs and labor associated with sewer repair orders are often your duty.

A sewer repair warning is issued directly to the property owner by an NYC DEP representative related to your sewer service line. For example, broken service lines are met with a cease and desist notice that informs you of damages discovered during an inspection.

Additionally, a warning will state the penalty for failing to comply with the emergency order. The DEP will also include authentication and contact information.

The Proper Response

As a New Yorker, there’s a good chance you may find an NYC DEP sewer repair order in your mailbox. Regardless of the type of warning, it’s essential that you take immediate action to avoid legal and utility complications. First, identify the exact sewage infraction(s), the time allotted for repairs, and any additional information left by the DEP. Next, find a dependable, licensed plumbing repair business, and secure the appropriate solutions for your sewer issues. Once hired, these professionals will ensure that proper corrections and replacements are made and that your case with the DEP is settled.

Finding Suitable Sewer Repair Services

As mentioned above, your plumbing repair service will handle the most important work in relation to your DEP sewer repair notice. Therefore, it’s vital that you find a reputable, experienced, and friendly business before spending your hard-earned money. Luckily, our team at Harris Water Main & Sewer provides the very best NYC emergency main repair services for building owners and residents alike. We understand the severity of DEP regulations and are committed to offering quick, successful, and certified repairs that avoid further fines or punishments.

Knowing what to do when you receive an NYC DEP sewer repair order is an essential aspect of building ownership in the city. Contact our friendly team at Harris Water Main & Sewer today to learn how we can help you and your plumbing system.

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