4 Easy Things You Can Do To Prevent Sewer Backups

Plumbing-related complications are pesky problems that impact every New Yorker. Luckily, there are many easy things you can do to prevent sewer backups on your property. 

Dispose of Grease in the Trash

One of the most common causes of sanitary sewer blockages, especially in New York City, is cooking grease. It might seem insignificant, but pouring oils and fats down the drain is detrimental to the functionality of your system and the surrounding sewer.

Instead of flushing completely out, cooking grease solidifies inside piping and begins trapping other debris. Over time, this leads to massive backups. Additionally, grease can find its way from your property into public sewage lines before solidifying, costing taxpayers millions each year in repairs.

Rather than damage your pipes, leave oils and fats out to dry before disposing of them in a garbage can. Aside from preventing blockages, this practice also protects the environment, including surrounding waterways.

Keep Waste Out of Your Toilets

The other common culprit for sewer backups in NYC is clogged toilets. Specifically, disposing of non-flushable items such as wet wipes can cause significant problems for you and the public sewage system. In fact, NYC Environmental Protection urges residents to “trash it, don’t flush it” unless the object is one of the three P’s—pee, poop, or (toilet) paper.

Most wet wipes and related hygienic products contain polyester, plastic, and other synthetic materials that aren’t designed to break down in the water. And while the effects of pouring cooking grease down the sink drain can take some time to appear, flushing non-flushable items down the toilet can spell disaster almost immediately.

Test and Upgrade Your Plumbing Equipment

Sometimes, sewer backups are the result of outdated plumbing equipment. If you notice repeated issues with your sewer system, consider hiring professionals to inspect, test, and upgrade your existing infrastructure. For example, aged valves and backflow prevention devices may feature faulty mechanics that increase the likelihood of plumbing-related complications. Have an expert determine which components of your plumbing system require updating to reduce the chances of backups and other frustrating problems like backflow.

Hire Repair Services

Along with ensuring your plumbing infrastructure is up to date, it’s essential that you hire professional contractors for repair services when necessary. Certain sewer-related complications may appear harmless, but waiting to implement the proper solutions can cause even more significant problems down the line. In fact, blockages and backups caused by damaged plumbing equipment worsen when issues are allowed to fester.

Follow these four easy steps to prevent sewer backups on your property! If you’re in need of expert sewer repair and replacement services for an ongoing plumbing issue, contact our friendly team of professional contractors at Harris Main and Water today!

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