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Why is Electrolysis Eating Away At our Water Mains NYC?

on 188 St. in Queens a large group of homes started to experience water main leaks out of nowhere. The interesting part is that another section of homes on 188 St. we’re having the same issue 6 months prior and it seems as if the DC current leaks were traveling and spreading below ground for miles.

Why Did DEP Turn Your Water Off?

In other cases it may be a new home that was purchased and unoccupied for months or years, the new homeowner attempts to run the water to find out that there is nothing! No water entering the home, nothing in the shower, kitchen sink or bathroom!

Underground water main tunnel

Queens Resident Experiences Water Leaking at Sidewalk Valve

Thankfully she did and now had a reliable and trust worthy company who she was familiar with. This customer proceeded to obtain two other estimates just to make sure things were not “out of whack” and obviously did not want to get taken advantage of. She quickly learned that Harris Water was not only good at what they do, but also had to most cost effective estimate out of the other companies.

The problem

Why So Many Queens Water Main Breaks?

ins started to leak. Now this does happen in cases where it is an old water main that has been leaking and the leak will start to surface only when the ground is opened. In this case there were too many broken water mains to call it an “old leak”

Electrolysis on copper water main

Electrolysis Cause of Water Line Break Manhattan

We were surprised after receiving a call from a long time customer as we had installed a new copper water main at his building in 2014. There are several areas of Queens and Brooklyn which are known to experience electrolysis. In these areas we know if a customer calls for a water main repair, this is a direct result of electrolysis and must follow protocol to try and avoid this from happening again.

Sitting water in copper pipe freezes

Important Facts When Installing a New Water Main Brooklyn & Queens

If you have a water line feeding a sprinkler system or greater than 2”, it is imperative that you obtain a DEP on-site inspection. This is another way that a sub-par contractor may cut cost and try to issue a “cheap price” to a homeowner. At the time the homeowner may not know that the inspection is required and will only find out down the road when they try and sell the house, re-finance etc. At this time the city would still require a plumber to be hired and excavate/expose the pipe that was installed which is 75% of the cost for a water main installation.

Should You Repair a Clay Sewer Line or Replace With Cast Iron

Recently in Queens we performed a sewer line repair for a clay pipe in the roadway, once the street was opened we tested the water and were able to observe that there was an issue under the sidewalk that was causing a restriction from the normal flow of sewage. We were able to determine that roots were growing through the pipe under the sidewalk. This was not causing the majority of their sewer backups however, it was getting worse and we estimated that this section of pipe would have to be replaced within the coming year.

Lead Water Line Leaks Near Foundation Wall

A lead water line leak should not come as a surprise to anyone due to the age and condition of the pipe serving your property. If you do have a lead pipe feeding your home it is most likely anywhere from 70 years to 100 years old and unfortunately tend to fail as time goes

New combined copper water main

Sprinkler Main Leaks Roadway Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn

Three was a good amount of water coming out of the roadway last week which caught all of the neighbors by surprise. Everyone assumed that the city water main was leaking and began calling 311 nonstop as the leak became more severe.

The old clay pipe

Drilling Company Breaks Sewer Line – Who Pays for Repair?

As time passes we continue to see more and more drilling companies working throughout Brooklyn and Queens. Unfortunately there is no way to determine exactly who sub surface water line and sewer pipes are running below ground, as a result it is often that a drilling company may break a water line or crack a sewer pipe.