Tapping machine

What to Do If Your Water Main Tap Leaks?

The tap connection on the city water main is the valve that connects the property owners water main to the city water main. It serves as the on/off control in the event that a property owners water main has to be replaced.

The leak

East New York Brooklyn Water Line Leak Creates Street Sinkhole

It is important that a water leak will find its own path below ground and will end up surfacing at the weakest point in the ground, sometimes this may be 10′ or even 20′ away.

New cast iron pipe

Sewer Repair In Roadway Park Slope Brooklyn

Harris Sewer now had to perform the sewer repair on an emergency basis before matters worsened. The repair crew arrived on site and first marked out the roadway for the excavation process.

New hydrant- Problem resolved!

How Do You Relocate a Hydrant from In Front of Your House?

This is a common questions that we receive from homeowners across Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. To the surprise of many homeowners, it actually is possible to relocate a city hydrant however, you will be responsible for covering the total cost.
In most cases the homeowner has a hydrant directly in front of where their driveway is or the proposed new driveway.

The new copper water main

Why are So Many Water Lines In NYC Leaking Due to Electrolysis

People are becoming even more disgusted after having to replace their water line several times over a one year period, incurring thousands of dollars in cost and still not receiving any feedback as to why this is occurring.

Leaking tap

Water Main Tap Leaks East Elmhurst Queens

As part of their standard procedure, they check all of the neighboring houses and perform a noise test to determine where the water was coming from. In this case they didn’t hear much noise from any of the pipes and decided that they had to excavate a test hole in the street to see exactly what was going on. There is always a chance that the leak was coming from the NYC water main which will be the DEP responsibility to repair.

Digging for new copper water main

Water Main Leak in Street Repaired Brooklyn

One particular job in Brooklyn had the DEP scratching their heads for a few hours. They were not able to determine whose water main was leaking as two neighboring houses both had a hissing noise on their water main, which indicates the pipe is leak

Can You Restore a Broken Sewer Line Without Excavating AKA Trenchless Replacement?

The answer is yes, a sewer line can be restored without excavating however, there is a huge and costly downside. First and foremost, it is 100% and completely illegal to install a sleeve inside your sewer line throughout NYC.

The secondary issue is that a sleeve inside your sewer line is a temporary solution, there is no guarantee that roots will not grow through your pipe sleeve and leave you exactly where you started.

Digging for pipe replacement

Why is Electrolysis Eating Away At our Water Mains NYC?

on 188 St. in Queens a large group of homes started to experience water main leaks out of nowhere. The interesting part is that another section of homes on 188 St. we’re having the same issue 6 months prior and it seems as if the DC current leaks were traveling and spreading below ground for miles.

Why Did DEP Turn Your Water Off?

In other cases it may be a new home that was purchased and unoccupied for months or years, the new homeowner attempts to run the water to find out that there is nothing! No water entering the home, nothing in the shower, kitchen sink or bathroom!