Lead water main replaced with copper

How to Keep Water Safer for NYC Residents

Most homeowners want to know “what else can I do to ensure that my water is safe for drinking?”. Where we cannot guarantee exactly what the city is doing on a larger scale, it is always suggested to start with the smallest of potential issues and work upwards with problems that may fall under your control.

Sub surface root removal

Roots in Sewer Line Instant Fix

More than 50% of homes throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan & the Bronx have a tree growing within 25’ of their property. Most people assume they are in the clear if the tree is not directly in front of their house or if the tree is not growing directly on top of their sewer line. Unfortunately this is not the case, most property owners become aware of these facts after the sewer line has failed, resulting in a terrible sewer backup.

New cast iron sewer line

Cease & Desist Notice Issued for Broken Sewer Brooklyn

We had replaced a water main for a single family brownstone in Brooklyn two years prior, to our surprise we received a call from them stating that the pipe was broken again and they received a DEP violation. After reviewing the violation it turned out that the problem was now with their sewer line which was not a complete surprise.

sewer backed up in bathtub

Sewer Backup Fixed with Pipe Repair

Three months later he called us in a panic and sent a few pictures of the current status. He hired a local plumber who was no longer able to clear the pipe. He said the blade was coming back shiny, which indicated that the pipe was completely separated and had to be replaced. The sewage started backing up in the trap as it h

Excavating for the new water main

Utility Company Breaks Water Main to be Replaced on Emergency Basis

On Tuesday evening we received a phone call from a homeowner in New York City who stated that a utility contractor was working under the sidewalk in front of their house and suddenly lost water. She quickly approached the working crew who confirmed that they broke her lead water main by accident but could not replace the pipe, she now needed a licensed plumber.

new copper installed after frozen pipes

The Importance of an On Site Visit for Water Main & Sewer Repair Estimates

These days a water main and sewer contractor can simply google any address and get a clear photo of what the outside of the house looked like when the google picture was taken. It is best practice for both the homeowner and the contractor to make a site visit and analyze all details required to resolve the issue, and at this point present a viable solution.

Freezing Weather Conditions Crack Water Main

As we continue to experience the deep freeze throughout the winter of 2018, we continue to get calls from customers who are experiencing cracked water mains.

Lead water main replaced with copper

Does Your Insurance Company Cover Lead Water Main Replacements?

There has been a lot of talk regarding the possibility of NYC requiring homeowners to update their lead water mains with new copper pipe. As a result we have been receiving calls from homeowners throughout the city, most people want to know if the “talks” are factual or if we have any additional information.

The old lead water main

How to Fix Frozen Water Main

These days you don’t need to look very far to find a good reason to replace to your lead water service. Health risk aside, it also turns out that your old lead water service pipe is also more prone to freezing and breaking than the safer and and more resilient “K” grade copper in use today. On average, the age of one of the many lead water service pipes still in use

opening street for copper water main install

Lead Water Main Replaced With Copper in Prospect Park Brooklyn

Naturally this homeowner wanted to have the work done quickly as they were literally days away from moving in, to their surprise we were able to install the water main the very next w