Digging with backhoe for water main installation

DEP Replaces Your Lead Water Main for Free

We have been informed that NYC is starting a new program where they will be replacing lead water mains with copper at no charge to the property owner. The qualification details have not been released at this time however, we expect to have updates in January. There have also been rumors that NYC is going to require all lead water mains with copper in the near future, we will continue to release information on these topics as we receive them.

The old union fitting that was leaking below ground

Water Main Repaired Central Park West As a Result of Con Edison Working in the Roadway

The home owner had many reasonable questions about how could the leak have been surfacing 15′ away from where actual problem was and why she did not experience any loss in pressure if the pipe was leaking. Please feel free to contact Team Harris if you have similar questions or find yourself in a similar scenario.

The City Turned Your Water Off & Need to Turn Back On for Free

We receive continuous calls from property owners throughout NYC after DEP has turned off their water and most commonly people want the issue resolved for free! Unfortunately in NYC the property owner is responsible for the water main and sewer pipes from the house all the way out to the street. For this reason the city or a city sub contractor is not going to repair the problem for free.

putting cast iron pipe together

Emergency Sewer Repair Laurelton Queens

The homeowner of a single family home in Laurelton had reported a sewer backup for the previous 9 months. Their sewer cleaner had been keeping the sewer flowing by snaking the pipe every time it backed up. This last time the sewer cleaner could no longer clear the sewer pipe, he had reached a point […]

Frozen water main in roadway

Prevent Frozen Water Lines During Winter Months

Winter is here and so are the frozen and leaking water mains. Like clockwork, the temperatures dropped below freezing last weekend and New York City residents have begun experiencing broken and frozen water mains. There a few steps that can be taken as a precautionary measure: If you feel that you are susceptible to freezing […]

Pinhole leak on main water line inside house

What to Do if Leaking Water Main Floods Your Basement

In other cases you may have to make a diversion for the water to travel and reach the sewer trap. This can really be done with any form of a bucket, pipe or even a piece of metal for the water to travel along until it hits the se

Broken water main

NYC to Cover Cost of Broken Water Main in Street

This is a common questions we receive after a property owner receives a DEP 3 day notice violation for a leak under the roadway or sidewalk. Most people assume once the leak is outside of their property line, the city will cover all of the cost or have a city contractor make the repair.

Water main replacement denied by insurance

Does your insurance company cover Water Main and Sewer damage?

In many cases the property owner fails to explain that the plumbing work is actually sub surface water main and sewer pipes that require excavations of the sidewalk or the roadway. There are many homeowner insurance policies that cover general plumbing work, yet not the sub surface plumbing world. When speaking with your insurance carrier it is important to explain in detail, or even have your plumbing contractor speak with them.

Sewer snake pulled out of old pipe

Sewer Snake Stuck in Sewer Line Brooklyn

The homeowner of a single family house in Brooklyn had been experiencing issues with their sanitary sewer line. First they started to smell an abnormal odor and didn’t think much of it. Next they started to observe sewage actually backing up in the trap area, they continued to observe toilet paper residue in the pit.

New copper installed

Increased Lead Levels in Brooklyn Water

The report also named Crown Heights, Sunset Park and Windsor Terrace, most of these areas contain buildings from the 1920’s which included the use of lead pipe during the original construction. In 1961 the use of lead pipes were made illegal, as well as the repair of any lead pipe. The city will not issue a permit for repairing a lead pipe, the entire service line must be replace if this is the case.