Excavating for water main installation

Fire Sprinkler Water Main Installed for Home Renovation

Installing a new sprinkler main or combined water main is a big project in the eyes of most property owners, when dealing with a licensed plumber, the process is straight forward. An experienced water main and sewer contractor should have the entire processed streaml

City sewer backup

Why Does Your Sewer Backup When it Rains

If you are lucky enough to get out of the situation with a clogged sewer, the process should take 1-2 hours before the pipe is cleared and functioning. If the sewer cleaning does not resolve your issue, you may have to insert a camera to determine what the actual problem is. If you have reached this point there is

The pipe is now installed from one hole, to the next

What Does A Broken Water Main Sound Like ?

Due to the similarity in noise, people tend to ignore the leak which creates more of a severe condition over time. Most homeowners first become aware that their water line is broken after being served a DEP 3 day notice or a flooded basement.

installing new cast iron sewer pipe

What Does the Inside of Your Sewer Line Look Like?

The entire process of installing the new sewer line will take a total of two days, the new cast iron pipe is now installed on the property.

529 East New York Ave Job 2 009

Broken Sewer Leads to Partial Street Closure East New York, Brooklyn

The primary reason for starting at the building is to avoid missing the pipe. In some cases the sewer pipe may take a turn on the sidewalk, or roadway and for this reason the plumber may not be able to locate the pipe. All of the new pipe was installed under the sidewalk on the first day of w

Copper is installed

Replacing Broken 100 Year Old Lead Water Main – Queens

The emergency crew was dispatched to two family house in queens after the homeowner became aware that her lead water main was leaking inside her utility closet. Her son setup a temporary fix to divert the water leak into her sewer. The temporary diversion allowed for some breathing room and avoided her house from flooding.

Underground tunnel

How Long Does It Take to install a Water Main in NYC ?

When installing a new water main and connection for a domestic or sprinkler service, the paperwork and permits usually take more time than the actual water main installation process. The details on required plans and permits will vary pending the specifics of the water main installation. If you are installing a domestic water main, the process is usually quicker than if you are installing a sprinkler service.

Installing new cast iron sewer pipe

Repair Sewer Line Under Roadway or Sidewalk Video

It is important for property owners to understand all of the details associated with a sewer repair. Most homeowners call their local plumber when experiencing a sewer backup and in many cases the sewer pipe is diagnosed as broken. The plumber will most commonly use a sewer snake or a camera to determine the exact location of the break. In most cases they do not take the time to describe how much work is associated with digging up the street or sidewalk to repair the sewer.

Installing copper in plastic tube

How to Prevent an Electrolysis Leak on Your Water Main

Homeowners across the Five Boroughs have been experiencing pinhole leaks in their copper tubing, which has been caused by electrolysis. Electrolysis occurs when there is an underground DC current leak from an underground electric source. These small pinhole leaks (also known as “pitting”)

Digging on the property

Water Main Break Causes Pressure Problems

Older homes across the Five Boroughs of NYC are known for experiencing water main breaks. Most recently NYC homeowners living in homes built prior to 1968 are experiencing an influx of broken water main breaks and nobody knows exactly why. Over the previous weeks many homeowners have become aware of their broken water lines after […]