Preparing cast iron for installation

Roots Cleared From Sewer Results in Pipe Repair

Many homeowners in NYC will experience a sewer backup this year. The most common issue causing sewage to back up in the basement sewer trap, is due to roots. It is common for roots from a nearby tree to grow through the joints of a sewer line or even through the pipe itself if made […]

New water main connected to city water main

Water Main Leaks Into Con Edison Manhole

Earlier this week one of our customers became aware that a water main was leaking into a Con Edison manhole in front of their house. Naturally the homeowner contacted DEP (311) to avoid any potential unsafe conditions and have the problem resolved immediately. Little did they know that the water leak was coming from their pipe and they were responsible to have it repaired on an emergency ba


Combined Water Main Installation Cost & Process

As time passes it seems that the DOB (Department of Buildings) is becoming more restrictive with their requirements to protect a property using fire sprinkler protection. What most people don’t know is that this will require installing a new water main from the roadway, to inside the house and at this point having sprinkler heads installed in the house.

Water main leaking in roadway

Who Is Responsible For A Water Main Leak On Sidewalk Or Roadway?

It is common for the property owner to either ignore the leaking water pipe, or may not understand that it is their responsibility. In this case the NYC DEP will issue a 3 day notice violation to have the leak resolved and if not rectified at this point, they will issue a 10 day notice as well as turning the water off from the roadway.

New copper from tap

Lead Water Main Leaks Inside Basement

Last weekend in Queens, the tenant of a two family house came home from school to 2” of water in her basement apartment. As most would, she panicked and called her local plumber to investigate. He was quick to determine that it w

Digging for water main

Water Main Burst As A Result of Freezing Temperature

It is more common for a water main to crack or leak when the water in your pipes begin to freeze and expand. The expansion of your pipes will exacerbate any minor pre-existing issues within your water line, finally pushing the weakest point of your pipe into leak mod

Harris Water Celebrates 99 years in business

Harris Water Main & Sewer Celebrates 99 Years

Shortly after WWI Harris Plumbing was established by Abraham Harris. At this time it was a mere dream to establish a successful company, let alone operating for the next 99 years. The company has been passed down from one generation to the next however, the company did experience a rough patch around the time of […]

New pipe prepared for install

How to Locate and Repair a Broken Sewer 2017

If you are reading this article there is a good chance that you are experiencing sewer backups and are now looking for a permanent resolution to your sewage problems. The first question is what is causing the backups? You must have a plumber perform an inspection of your sewer line. Most commonly the plumber will […]

Illegal sewer liner

Illegal Sewer Liner Found During Routine Sewer Repair

The first issue is that liners are completely illegal in NYC per the NYC Department of Buildings. The liner is not an approved repair method because a sewer liner will not resolve a sewer pipe that is back pitched, suffering from root intrusion, will cut off pipes with branch lines etc.

New cast iron sewer installed

Sewer Line Repair Cost NYC

How much should your sewer line cost?