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Why So Many Brooklyn Water Line Breaks

“Why is my neighborhood experiencing so many broken water mains?”  A common question, which was recently posed by a Park Slope homeowner after three houses on his street had their water mains replaced.  Mr. Knobloch was confused after he was issued with a 3 day summons for his water main leaking in the roadway. Like […]

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Roots Cause of Broken Sewer – Quick Fix

This owner still attempted to have two more drain cleaners attempt to clear the sewer pipe, he was trying to avoid spending thousands or more dollars on a new sewer line replacement as well as digging up his property and roadway. He had a high pressure water jet, g

water main Reapir on property

Who is Paying for NYC Water Main Breaks

Most NYC homeowners are quick to assume that “the city” will assume responsibility for a broken water main surfacing in the roadway or public sidewalk. This may be the case in many other towns and states however, NYC homeowners are not that lucky.
The responsibility of a NYC homeowner extends through the sidewalk and into the roadway where the city connection is located.

The final connection

Water Main Leak in Queens Results in DEP 3 Day Notice

DEP truck was parked outside of her house. The DEP supervisor requested to check her water main due to a water leak surfacing on her property, which was leaking onto the public sidewalk. He was quick to diagnose and determine the water was coming from her water main and issued her a 3 day notice.

Tap blows and water shooting in air

Water Main Tap Blows Out of City Main

After ninety minutes of digging, they reached the city water main and found an old “driven tap” that was extremely fragile as it was basically hanging out of the city main by a thread. The foremen was aware of the conditions, for this reaso

Roadway work begins

Top 3 Procedures for Sewer Repair in Brooklyn & Queens

Many homeowners throughout Brooklyn and Queens experience problems with their sewer lines on a daily basis. The first problem is that most homeowners are not familiar with how their sewers function and what causes a sewer

Roadway excavation

New Fire Sprinkler Main Installed In Brooklyn

A developer in Brooklyn recently purchased new property in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. He was caught off guard when he became aware that his building was going to require a new fire sprinkler main for protection, this was not figured in his investment cost. At this point he was too far into the project and hired an architect to work on the DOB approved plans a

Installation completed

Rat in Sewer or Broken Sewer Causing Backups

Recently in Queens a homeowner had been experiencing a bad odor coming from the sewer in the basement. She wasn’t exactly sure where the odor was coming from and finally realized that there was a damp area around her sewer trap.

Excavating for water main installation

Fire Sprinkler Water Main Installed for Home Renovation

Installing a new sprinkler main or combined water main is a big project in the eyes of most property owners, when dealing with a licensed plumber, the process is straight forward. An experienced water main and sewer contractor should have the entire processed streaml

City sewer backup

Why Does Your Sewer Backup When it Rains

If you are lucky enough to get out of the situation with a clogged sewer, the process should take 1-2 hours before the pipe is cleared and functioning. If the sewer cleaning does not resolve your issue, you may have to insert a camera to determine what the actual problem is. If you have reached this point there is