Hand digging around utilities for sewer repair in roadway

Roadway Sinkhole Caused by Broken Sewer Line

The homeowner received a DEP Cease & Desist violation from DEP and now had to figure out their finances to have the work completed on an emergency basis. In some cases the DEP may give a short period of time before the work has to be done however, this case was too dangerous and the homeowner had to have the work completed wit

The new wet connection installed

Water Main Installation for Sprinklers

It seems that The Department of Buildings (DOB) is continuing to regulate and update their requirements for sprinkler main installations. Here at Harris we have experienced an increase in sprinkler mains over the previous five years and simply comes down to protecting ourselves and our homes. Initially our customers are upset when they are made aware of the unexpected expense which they did not budget for when preparing their renovation. We always try to remind them of the importance and not to just focus on the unexpected cost.

Water main installed into tunnel below roadway

Water Main Break Floods Basement in Queens

The work now had to be scheduled on an emergency basis for the very next morning, the homeowner was willing to pay weekend rates to avoid the possibility of any further damage to his house.

The crew first arrived on site and found a small sinkhole forming on the outside of the house, this led them to believe that the water was leaking for a long period of time and had just founds its way into the house.

Water Main leak at wall

Borough Park Water Main Leak Repaired

Shortly after the first two holes were completed, a third hole was made on the sidewalk which the pipe would be pulled through. While digging on the city sidewalk within 50’ of a city tree we were required to have a Parks Dept. certified arborist on site as required.

Cutting cast iron pipe

Sewer Snake Blade & Camera Cannot Clear Roots

The owner of a single home residence in New York City called with a common occurrence earlier this morning. He stated that the sewer line was backing up into basement toilet when water is used, and getting worse as time passes.

As displayed in the above video, the first 20’ of clay pipe was in decent condition, nothing too concerning that would cause a sewage backup.

Water main tap leaking

DEP 3 Day Notice for Leaking Tap

Recently in Manhattan the owner of a 3 story brownstone contacted the NYC DOT after noticing a sinkhole forming in front of her house. At first it was a small slope and after monitoring for a few weeks, it started to form a large hole.

Roots in clay sewer pipe

Quick Fix – Sewer Clogged With Tree Roots

Earlier in the week we received a call from a new customer claiming that there sewer line was backing up and their plumber attempted to clear it out with a snake. The plumber was not successful, he “hit a wall” inside the sewer pipe which he could not pass and proceeded with a sewer camera inspection.

Water Main Installation Queens

Queens Resident Thanks Harris Water & Sewer

specifically grateful for one of the Project Managers (Mr. Smith). Harris was awarded the water main installation after the homeowner received a DEP 3 day notice for a broken water line. At the time Mr. Smith was not aware that the homeowner interviewed four other companies and figured he was hired for the same reason most other people in this situation hire Harris- “Everyone knows Harris” – “You guys have been in business for 100 years” – “My neighbor had a water main installed by your company” etc.

New cast iron sewer pipe

Water Jet Fixes Broken Sewer Pipe

We received an interesting call last week when a local homeowner asked us to “fix my broken sewer pipe with a water jet”. We kindly explained to the customer that a water jet is used to clear a sewer line of roots or grease and if the pipe is broken, a water jet may actually […]

Water main tunnel

New Telephone Pole Breaks Water Main

Last month in Boerum Hill Brooklyn a homeowner started to notice a reduction in water pressure. She began to look around the house to determine why this would have occurred. She noticed water seeping out of the sidewalk where a new telephone pole was installed two weeks prior. Her neighbor said that he noticed the […]