New copper is installed

Lead Water Pipe Leaks and Replaced with Copper

This Queens homeowner was aware that he had a lead water line that had sprung a small leak several months prior. In the back of his mind he knew that the main had to be replaced simply for the fact that it was lead, and now that it had a leak, he continued to tell himself he better have it changed before things got worse.

29,29A,31 33,33A&35 Carroll St Day 10 (12)

Domestic & Sprinkler Combined Water Main Installed

Harris Water & Sewer was hired to install a new combined water service for a new building in Park Slope Brooklyn as well as a second main for the same owner, in Queens. As per standard procedure, the field workers began the job by opening the roadway with a jackhammer in search for the city water main.

Hydrant is removed

Hydrant Relocated In Queens NYC

Once the hydrant relocation was approved, Harris Water & Sewer began working on all required paperwork with DEP and DOT. When replacing a hydrant in NYC there is a special division of DEP who inspects the entire installation, and not just when the new hydrant is installed.

Ready for DEP

Broken Sewer Under Street Cause of Sewer Backups in Basement

The video inspection showed that the pipe had separated 26’ out from the house trap, which puts you underneath the roadway. It seems as if the pipes were not installed properly and the joints began to separate over time. As the sewage seeped out of the sewer pipe it continued to undermine the surrounding soil and began to cause a small sinkhole in the roadway.

Digging for new water main installation

Water Main Leaks Inside Sewer Pit Brooklyn

Mrs. Saunders of New York Ave in Brooklyn first contacted Harris Water & Sewer after she became aware that her basement carpet was wet and suspected that her external water main was broken. Mrs Saunders was correct, she did have a broken pipe resulting in a wet carpet, but it was a broken pipe inside her wall. Harris opened the sewer trap to close the house control valve and stop the leak when the field investigator became aware that there was a secondary water main problem.

wipes from sewer line backup

Sewer Line Scare Queens Resolved with Sewer Snake

Harris found sanitary napkins and cloth wipes had been clogging the sewer and advised the owner to avoid flushing these two items to avoid any future backups. The owner also began working on a cleaning plan once two times per year to maintain the sewer pipe and avoid the current situation from ever happening again.

Excavating begins

Root Intrusion Leads to Sewer Pipe Repair

Harris first tried to clear the line with a sewer snake and continued to hit an obstruction. The video inspection showed that the pipe was only replaced from the property line and the old clay pipe on the

new wet connection Broadway Manhattan

Manhattan Water Main Breaks When Installing New 6” Fire Line

Harris Water began excavating in the roadway for a standard fire sprinkler main installation on Broadway, in Manhattan. The job was scheduled for one day to excavate in preparation for the DEP wet connection installation on the second day of work.

Digging for the new water line

Water Main Shut Down by NYC DEP

There are a few occasions where the DEP would actually cut off the water supply feeding a private residence. In a recent scenario, the DEP turned off the homeowner’s water main due to the leak surfacing in the roadway. The homeowner was first issued a 3 day notice after the DEP performed a noise test on her water line, and verified that her pipe was leaking.


Water Main and Sewer Inspections for New Homeowners

You recently purchased a house and have become aware that the sewer or water main is not functioning properly. This seems to have become more of a common issue as many realtors are not bringing these items to the closing table.