New cast iron sewer pipe

Water Jet Fixes Broken Sewer Pipe

We received an interesting call last week when a local homeowner asked us to “fix my broken sewer pipe with a water jet”. We kindly explained to the customer that a water jet is used to clear a sewer line of roots or grease and if the pipe is broken, a water jet may actually […]

Water main tunnel

New Telephone Pole Breaks Water Main

Last month in Boerum Hill Brooklyn a homeowner started to notice a reduction in water pressure. She began to look around the house to determine why this would have occurred. She noticed water seeping out of the sidewalk where a new telephone pole was installed two weeks prior. Her neighbor said that he noticed the […]

1460 60 St 004

Roadway Sewer Repair Completed in Four Hours

Last Thursday a Queens’s homeowner contacted Harris Water & Sewer after experiencing a complete failure of their sewer line. The homeowner first became aware after viewing and smelling backed up sewage in the trap of their basement. It was first mistaken for a water main leak, at this time Harris performed a noise test on […]

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Trenchless Water Main Installation

If you are having a copper water main installed and your home is located a short distance from the city water main, it is possible that the entire water main service can be installed with one hole. This would require one 3’x4’ hole in the street and a water main tunnel to be made with compressed air. Once the tunnels are completed the new copper pipe is pulled or pushed from the roadway excavation, to inside the building where the new ball valve and connection are completed.


Paul Harris Life Story – Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors

What do you write, when your granddaughter calls and says “Grandpa will you do me a favor? Please tell me in as many words as you like about you and Grandma’s life.”

Broken sewer casues sink hole in roadway

Sewer Camera Inspection Confirms Roadway Sinkhole

After a brief investigation the DEP was called on site to investigate, a sinkhole of this size does not form in the street for no reason. After completing

Jack hammer roadway for sewer repair

Is Rain The Cause of Your Sewer Backup?

Halfway through a rain filled day in NYC we received a call from a local Brooklyn homeowner who stated that they are receiving backwater from the excessive amounts of rain. They were interested in installing a check valve to avoid future backups due to rain.

water main leak roadway

Road Always Wet – Leaking Water Main?

You have been enjoying three consecutive days without any rain or snowfall however, the damp spot in front of your house has not subsided. You have walked up and down your street and have noticed the wet section of roadway is in front of your house and no other location. The first move should be […]

Installing storm sewer

DEP Violation for Sanitary Sewage Entering Storm Sewer – How to Resolve

The house in violation had dirty water entering into the storm sewer, most of the time this occurs due to an illegal connection at some point where the sanitary sewer line goes directly into the storm line. The first step was to complete a cam

Installing new cast iron

Back Pitch of Sewer Requires Pipe Repair

Depending on where the back pitch is the homeowner may have two options. If the back pitch is under the property, the licensed plumber may be able to replace the section of piping from the house to the curb or property line. If the remaining section of piping going out to the street is functional, the partial repair will resolve the back pitch.