Copper from street to inside building

Are You Required to Replace Your Lead Water Main With Copper in NYC ?

At the present time New York City does not require homeowners to replace their lead water mains with copper however, there are talks that this is all about to change. The primary concern are the hazardous lead pipes that may be seeping into our domestic water supply. This is the same water that we drink from, shower in, clean our house with etc.

The old lead pipe

What to Do If DEP Turns Your Water Off

The second most common reason is if the water leak has created an undermined condition of the roadway leading to a hazardous condition for traffic to pass. In this case the DEP will shut off the water at the city tap connection and place temporary asphalt in the roadway to avoid anyone from getting hurt.

Opening street for new sewer

Fix Hole on Bottom of Underground Sewer Pipe

Recently one of our customers requested a camera inspection after experiencing their second backup within a two week period. The camera inspection clearly shows a hole in the bottom of their sewer line which was restricting the flow of sewage from their house, out to the street

And ended up like this

Customer Ignores Minor Water Main Leak…. Only to Discover Major Problem Down the Road

And so on and so on. However, with all these unknowns there is one universal truth that every plumber knows for sure, leaks don’t fix themselves. Sometimes I meet a homeowner and they’ll ask how much time they have until a small leak becomes a much bigger issue. There’s no correct answer to that question. It could be 10 hours or 10 days, but you can bet on the leak getting worse.

Leaking water main tap

Property Owner Purchases New Home and Discovers Leaking Tap

Luckily, we were able to schedule the DEP to be on site for an emergency new tap installation a few days later and had the problem resolved very quickly. However, this is a clear example of what can go wrong if you try to cut corners and hire a non-licensed or non-experienced contractor. It is extremely important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable water main and sewer contractor to perform any type of work, even the most routine jobs because as we always say, you never know what you’ll find when you start digging under the streets of New York.

Example of City Spur Map

Water Main & Sewer Records -How They Help Your Pipe Repair

Since we now know that tap cards contain information for city water mains, you’d be correct in assuming that spur maps contain vital information regarding the NYC sewer system. Just as the tap is the connection for the water main, a “spur” is the homeowner’s connection to the city sewer. The spur map will tell us th

Driven tap

What is a Driven Wet Tap Connection & How to Fix ?

Our workers finally located the tap, which astonishingly enough was in front of the next door neighbor’s house, almost 25′ away from the property!! If that wasn’t enough, our crew dug down to the tap only to discover that it was an old “driven” tap which had begun leaking. These type of connections have not been in use in New York City since the 1920’s.

Listening device on water line

Issued A DEP 3 Day Notice and Worried They May Be Wrong?

Being issued a 3 day notice by the NYC DEP can be a great source of anxiousness and confusion for a typical homeowner. For a lot of homeowners this may be the first time they’ve ever paid any real attention to the water service pipes in their home. When I meet a lot of customers for the first time, I can usually detect the skepticism in their voice right awa

Broken water main

Water Service Pipe VS. Water Main – Defined Per NYC Plumbing Code

The final term that falls into the same category is when referring to the water distribution pipe. The NYC plumbing code definition reads “A pipe within the structure or on the premises that conveys water from the water service pipe, or from the meter when the meter is at the structure, to the points of utilization.

Separation at spur connection

Sewer Spur Connection Requires Repair Brooklyn

Last week in Brooklyn Harris Water was installing a new copper water main due to the existing lead water line leaking on the inside of the house. At the time of install the homeowner began asking questions about his sewer line after experiencing several backups over the previous week. We dispatched a camera crew to the site for a visual inspection on the inside of his sewer line.