Broken water main

Water Service Pipe VS. Water Main – Defined Per NYC Plumbing Code

The final term that falls into the same category is when referring to the water distribution pipe. The NYC plumbing code definition reads “A pipe within the structure or on the premises that conveys water from the water service pipe, or from the meter when the meter is at the structure, to the points of utilization.

Separation at spur connection

Sewer Spur Connection Requires Repair Brooklyn

Last week in Brooklyn Harris Water was installing a new copper water main due to the existing lead water line leaking on the inside of the house. At the time of install the homeowner began asking questions about his sewer line after experiencing several backups over the previous week. We dispatched a camera crew to the site for a visual inspection on the inside of his sewer line.

jack hammering for new water main instalaltion

NYC Insurance Company Denies Claim for Broken Water Line

Last weekend we received a call from a customer after receiving a violation for his water main leaking in the roadway. The initial call was a lot less frantic than the typical call from a homeowner, she was not in any rush to meet at the house and was not too concerned with the cost […]

water main creates sinkhole

Emergency Water Main Replacement Rosedale Queens

Due to the severity of the broken water main leak, the homeowner had to make a quick decision to avoid any additional damage to the roadway as well as the surrounding neighbors and cars.

Digging for sewer with backhoe

Why Use a Sewer Video Camera for Sewage Backups?

Thousands of homeowners throughout New York City require some form of sewer maintenance on a weekly basis. Most commonly the homeowner or tenant begin to sense an unusual odor or see sewage backup up in the area where their sewer trap is located.

The new copper water main is in!

New Water Main Installed Ridgewood Av. Brooklyn

The rest of the crew continued to dig in preparation for the new copper water main installation.

OSY valve for combined water main

Water Line Replacement Cost 2017 – 2018

Recently many of our customers have been inquiring about the overall cost to install a new water line installation. Many of the inquiries have been for customers purchasing a new house, families with young children and a general concern for their aging water mains. We wanted to a few minutes and address everyone by including some detail and speaking on a few of the variables as mentioned in our video.

Source of the water main leak

Water Main Leak Springs Over Labor Day Weekend

It turned out that that the existing 4” water main broke in the roadway near the curb and was leaking back into her basement. The only way to stop the leak was for the crew to jackhammer the roadway and dig down to the city main where the wet connection shut off valve was located.

Sewer repair of cast iron pipe

Broken Sewer Replaced Vermont St. Brooklyn

When the crew arrived on site they became aware of a sinkhole which was directly in line with where the sewer line runs out to the street, this was a strong indication that the sewer line was separated in this a

The sewer snake is removed!

How to Remove Sewer Snake Stuck in Pipe

Last week we received a call from a property owner on Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn after experiencing his third sewer backup of the month. His tenants had been managing the issue and finally insisted on having a camera inspection to determine what was causing the continuous backups.