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Combined Water Main Installation Cost & Process

As time passes it seems that the DOB (Department of Buildings) is becoming more restrictive with their requirements to protect a property using fire sprinkler protection. What most people don’t know is that this will require installing a new water main from the roadway, to inside the house and at this point having sprinkler heads installed in the house.

New copper from tap

Lead Water Main Leaks Inside Basement

Last weekend in Queens, the tenant of a two family house came home from school to 2” of water in her basement apartment. As most would, she panicked and called her local plumber to investigate. He was quick to determine that it w

Harris Water Celebrates 99 years in business

Harris Water Main & Sewer Celebrates 99 Years

Shortly after WWI Harris Plumbing was established by Abraham Harris. At this time it was a mere dream to establish a successful company, let alone operating for the next 99 years. The company has been passed down from one generation to the next however, the company did experience a rough patch around the time of […]

Domestic & Sprinkler Combined Water Main Installed

Harris Water & Sewer was hired to install a new combined water service for a new building in Park Slope Brooklyn as well as a second main for the same owner, in Queens. As per standard procedure, the field workers began the job by opening the roadway with a jackhammer in search for the city water main.

Digging for new water main installation

Water Main Leaks Inside Sewer Pit Brooklyn

Mrs. Saunders of New York Ave in Brooklyn first contacted Harris Water & Sewer after she became aware that her basement carpet was wet and suspected that her external water main was broken. Mrs Saunders was correct, she did have a broken pipe resulting in a wet carpet, but it was a broken pipe inside her wall. Harris opened the sewer trap to close the house control valve and stop the leak when the field investigator became aware that there was a secondary water main problem.

Digging for the new water line

Water Main Shut Down by NYC DEP

There are a few occasions where the DEP would actually cut off the water supply feeding a private residence. In a recent scenario, the DEP turned off the homeowner’s water main due to the leak surfacing in the roadway. The homeowner was first issued a 3 day notice after the DEP performed a noise test on her water line, and verified that her pipe was leaking.

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Top 4 Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Like many other NYC property owners, you may be suffering from a shortage in water pressure. In some scenarios you may have been dealing with it for years and the pressure is now starting to decrease. In other cases, you may have experienced a large reduction in water pressure over the previous few weeks. Most […]

water main leak in manhole

Water Line Leaks Into City Sewer Manhole

After investigating three houses with a noise test, one unlucky neighbor was issued a 3 day notice to have their lead pipe replaced with copper. The homeowner was in complete shock after she became aware that replacement was so expensive and questioned the possibility of repairing the pipe. Her licensed plumber informed her that it was illegal to make a repair on a lead pipe and that it falls outside of the DEP plumbing code.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Water Main?

There are also sections of the 5 Boroughs which are notorious for large rock which result in challenging work conditions. Any experienced plumbing contractor should be aware of the neighborhoods and borou

water main Reapir on property

Who is Paying for NYC Water Main Breaks

Most NYC homeowners are quick to assume that “the city” will assume responsibility for a broken water main surfacing in the roadway or public sidewalk. This may be the case in many other towns and states however, NYC homeowners are not that lucky.
The responsibility of a NYC homeowner extends through the sidewalk and into the roadway where the city connection is located.