Back Pitch of Sewer Requires Pipe Repair

April 14, 2017

Recently in Jamaica Queens a homeowner had been experiencing an increase from the normal monthly sewer backups and decided to have a licensed plumber perform an inspection on the line. The plumber was able to clear the blockage using a water jet and decided to insert a video camera for a more detailed inspection. He was quick to conclude that the monthly backups were caused by a back pitched sewer line.

As you can see in the above video, the camera goes underwater when entering the pipe and clearly comes out of the water at 16’ which proves that there is a pitch problem. If the camera was underwater for the entire length of the sewer line, it would force us to perform an additional investigation and see what is causing the backup.


Depending on where the back pitch is the homeowner may have two options. If the back pitch is under the property, the licensed plumber may be able to replace the section of piping from the house to the curb or property line. If the remaining section of piping going out to the street is functional, the partial repair will resolve the back pitch.

If the initial problem is under the street or if there is a secondary problem in the street, the homeowner is forced to replace the entire sewer line to correct the back pitch.

Digging for pipe repair

Installing new cast iron
Installing new cast iron