Who Is Responsible for Water Main & Sewer Repair Permits NYC

May 7, 2021

If you are experiencing an issue with your water main or sewer there is a good chance that your repair will require a permit. It is important to understand what type of permit is required, as well as who will obtain the permit from the city agency.

In New York City the licensed plumber is always responsible for obtaining the DEP permit for the plumbing aspect of the job. If your repair requires excavation and a repair under the sidewalk or roadway, your job will also require a NYC DOT permit which will also be secured by your licensed plumber.

Both the DEP and DOT permits are required for any work performed below city property and most of them can be obtained online. If you are working on a new construction project, or any project that requires a new connection, you may have to apply in person in order to process the permit submission.

Upon completion of the water main or sewer work the licensed plumber is required to close-out the permit in the form of an on site inspection and sign off. In some cases an on site inspection is not required and the plumber can self certify the plumbing work which will also result in a formal sign off being released by the DEP.

The same goes for a DOT permit, the plumber is required to restore the public sidewalk or roadway which will be inspected by the DOT at their own leisure. In the event of an issue the licensed plumber is notified and issued a formal notice to correct the issue.


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