Water Main Installation Costs 2019

December 27, 2018

Installing a new water main due to a leak, or simply upgrading to a new water service? Either way there are similar cost variables regardless of the reason for your water main installation. There are a few primary factors to be considered when estimating for a new water main replacement.

The first factor would be location, is the water main on a heavily traveled roadway like 2nd Av. In Manhattan or is your property on 200 St. in Queens.

2 Av Manhattan water main installation
2 Av Manhattan

Queens water main installation
200 St Queens

Working on these two very different types of streets would potentially add cost to the job due to DOT regulations, requirement for additional technicians, restoration requirements or digging conditions.

Another factor is if the water main is located on the same side of the street as your property, or if it is on the opposite side of the street. IF the water main is on the same side of the street as your property it is referred to as a “short water”. If the water main is located on the opposite side of the street it is refereed to as a “long water”.

Long water main
Long water main

Short water main
Short water main

The most common factor to assist in locating the city main is referring to the fire hydrant. Most of the time the hydrant is located on the same side of the street as the city water main.

Fire hydrant indicating short water

What type of pipe is being installed? The cost to install a 1″ copper water main is far cheaper than the cost to install a 3″ ductile iron water main. The primary factor would be timing, it takes a lot longer to install a ductile iron pipe as the plumber is required to trench the entire street. When installing a copper water main the process allows for copper tubing to be installed inside of tunnels which can be passed from one excavation to the next.

Copper tubing inside of tunnel
Copper tubing inside of tunnel

Trenching for ductile iron pipe
Trenching for ductile iron pipe

There are several other factors to be discussed when estimating a new water main service or if replacing an existing service. The majority of these factors are required to be obtained by an on site visit to the property, basic measurements and overall assessment of the property layout.

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