Where is Your Water Main Located in The Roadway
January 6, 2019

This is a re-occurring question we receive several times per a week. Many of our customers who are replacing a leaking water main or upgrading an old water main are interested in the installation process. This includes everything from the method in which the new pipes are installed, to where the new water main connection is located in the roadway.

The first variable which is serves as an indicator 85% of time is the city fire hydrant. Which side of the street is the fire hydrant located on?

City fire hydrant indicates short water main

If the hydrant is located on your side of the street the city main is most likely located on the same side and is known as a “short water”.

If the fire hydrant is located on the opposite side of the street it is known as a “long water” which will require your water main to be installed to the opposite side of the roadway, even if it is 100′ away.

Long water
Long water

Long water
Long water

In some cases the city water main may off set in the street, all signs may point to a short water and for some reason, the pipe takes a turn in the street to the middle of the street, or the long side of the street. Variables like this are usually unknown and are typically concluded on once the excavation process begins.

If your property is located on a major thoroughfare there is a possibility that the city installed two water mains on the street which may be determined by city records if available.

The pipe from your building to the city main usually travels in a straight line and is expected to do so on all new water main installations and replacements.

how does your water main travel

This may differ if your home has any obstructions such as bedrock, other utilities or if someone change the direction of the existing pipes behind the walls.

There are several more variables which should be considered and discussed with a NYC Licensed Plumber.