Water Jet Fixes Broken Sewer Pipe

We received an interesting call last week when a local homeowner asked us to “fix my broken sewer pipe with a water jet”. We kindly explained to the customer that a water jet is used to clear a sewer line of roots or grease and if the pipe is broken, a water jet may actually make things worse. The customer then stated that she wasn’t sure that the pipe was broken and wanted a camera inspection completed, this required a sewer snake to first clear the line of the water sitting and after that the camera could be installed.

As displayed in the video, the existing clay sewer line has a separation and is broken at the connection to the city sewer, in this case she was required to have a “spot repair” completed under the roadway.  In these cases we give the homeowner the option of replacing the entire sewer line to avoid any future repairs. This particular homeowner was on a budget, she understood the advantage to replacing the entire sewer however, and she could not afford it at this point in time.

Inside of sewer line

Inside of sewer line

The sewer repair began a few days later, at this time the homeowner became aware that the sinkhole in front of her house was actually a result of her broken sewer. The installation crew now began by jackhammering the roadway before excavation could take place.

Roadway sinkhole due to broken sewer

The excavation came to a brief halt after encountering a large boulder in the roadway, the crew had to make sure it was removed slowly and safely to avoid any issues.

Large boulder from sewer excavation

After 3 hours of excavating the old clay pipe was removed and the new cast iron sewer line was installed and inspected by DEP.

New cast iron sewer pipe

The roadway was re-surfaced over the next 48 hrs. and the customer now had a fully functional sewer.   

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