Queens Resident Thanks Harris Water & Sewer

Earlier this month Harris Water & Sewer completed a water main installation for one grateful Queens’s homeowner, who was most specifically grateful for one of the Project Managers (Mr. Smith). Harris was awarded the water main installation after the homeowner received a DEP 3 day notice for a broken water line. At the time Mr. Smith was not aware that the homeowner interviewed four other companies and figured he was hired for the same reason most other people in this situation hire Harris- “Everyone knows Harris” – “You guys have been in business for 100 years” – “My neighbor had a water main installed by your company” etc.

This scenario was a bit different as the homeowner was literally interviewing each company representative, researching the company and factoring overall cost. A few weeks after Harris completed the water main installation the owner sent us this:

Letter thanking harris water and sewer

Work Site Report

The job was as straight forward as a water main installation gets. The crew made on excavation 45′ away from the house and the second excavation was made on the property.

Water Main Installation QueensThe copper tubing was installed after the underground tunnels were completed and installed from one hole to the next.

Creating tunnels for water main

Creating tunnels for water main

Copper is being installed

Copper is being installed

After 6 hours of working, the new pipe was installed and connected back to the meter inside the house

New copper water main connected to meter

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