New Telephone Pole Breaks Water Main

Last month in Boerum Hill Brooklyn a homeowner started to notice a reduction in water pressure. She began to look around the house to determine why this would have occurred. She noticed water seeping out of the sidewalk where a new telephone pole was installed two weeks prior. Her neighbor said that he noticed the water seeping slowly and didn’t really think much of it as it had been raining for a few days. Now that the water leak had become progressively worse, the owner had no choice but to have the water main replaced on an emergency basis.

First the roadway was excavated over the “tap hole” which is the location where the private homeowner’s water main meets the city main.

Now that we have reached the tap connection to the city main, we were able to close the water and begin excavating the property for the remainder of the water line installation.

Once the additional excavations were completed the crew started to make underground tunnels from one hole to the next before the pipe is installed.

Once the runnels are completed the new copper water line is installed from the city main, to inside the house and at this point re-connected back to the water meter.

To the homeowners surprise, the entire installation was completed in one day and within 24 hrs of the her initial call phone call.