New copper installed

Increased Lead Levels in Brooklyn Water

The report also named Crown Heights, Sunset Park and Windsor Terrace, most of these areas contain buildings from the 1920’s which included the use of lead pipe during the original construction. In 1961 the use of lead pipes were made illegal, as well as the repair of any lead pipe. The city will not issue a permit for repairing a lead pipe, the entire service line must be replace if this is the case.

Brooklyn Homeowner Sues Plumber for Faulty Sewer Repair in Roadway

If you are experiencing a similar scenario it is important to do your due diligence, understand what the initial replacement entailed and what is required to resolve the issue. It is highly advisable to contact a licensed water main and sewer contractor to assist in understanding exactly what is going on as these scenarios tend to become confusing for the laymen.

New 6" cast iron sewer line

Fix Broken Clay Sewer Line Loaded with Roots

It was clear to see that the old clay sewer line was loaded with roots, had several belly’s in the line and the bottom of the clay pipe was completely rotted out in a few areas. It was no surprise why his sewer line was backing up so often.

New curb valve and main

Resolve Violation for Curb Valve

As time passes the NYC DOB and FDNY continue to monitor properties with fire sprinkler systems and require a functional sidewalk curb valve available for use on the outside of the building. The new DEP code requires the functional curb valve to be located within 18” of the city curb line.

Storm water piping installed

Quick Fix if Sewer is Backed Up and Cannot Clear with Snake?

The most common issue a homeowner experiences with their sewer is when there is an active backup for the second time in a month and they are tired of spending $300-$400 on having it cleared out again.

Storm water system, detention tanks, drains

New Storm Water Drainage System Installed

The building owner now had to hire an engineer to file plans, get approved by DEP, DOB and hire a water main & sewer contractor to obtain permits. After four months of filing with all of the required agencies, the permits were released and work was ready to begin.

Sewer core drill

New Water Main & Sewer Installed East New York Brooklyn

Finally both the Site Connection Approval and DOB plan were amended and we were able to begin working on all of the required permits. After two weeks we were in receipt of permits and scheduled the wet connection installation

Tapping machine

What to Do If Your Water Main Tap Leaks?

The tap connection on the city water main is the valve that connects the property owners water main to the city water main. It serves as the on/off control in the event that a property owners water main has to be replaced.

The leak

East New York Brooklyn Water Line Leak Creates Street Sinkhole

It is important that a water leak will find its own path below ground and will end up surfacing at the weakest point in the ground, sometimes this may be 10′ or even 20′ away.

New cast iron pipe

Sewer Repair In Roadway Park Slope Brooklyn

Harris Sewer now had to perform the sewer repair on an emergency basis before matters worsened. The repair crew arrived on site and first marked out the roadway for the excavation process.