Domestic & Sprinkler Combined Water Main Installed
November 18, 2016

Harris Water & Sewer was hired to install a new combined water service for a new building in Park Slope Brooklyn as well as a second main for the same owner, in Queens. As per standard procedure, the field workers began the job by opening the roadway with a jackhammer in search for the city water main.

Jackhammer roadway open

The remainder of the roadway was now trenched with a backhoe before the DEP wet connection and piping could be installed.

Excavating with backhoe

After one day of digging, the DEP arrived as scheduled, for the new wet connection installation.

new wet connection

While excavating the roadway, the crew encountered a number of other utilities which the new pipe had to be installed around. For this reason, this new combined water main had many off sets in order to clear the utilities.

Utility off sets for new water main

installing pipe with off sets
Installing pipe with off sets

The utilities also caused Harris to install some of the piping more shallow than anticipated which required the installation of steel plates to protect the shallow pipe.

plates to protect shallow water main

As required by DOT, Harris left the roadway with steel plates which were both pinned down and left with asphalt for safe conditions overnight.

Steel roadway plates protecting new combined water main

On the final day of work, Harris installed the new OSY valve and back filled the roadway in preparation for the final paving restoration leaving another satisfied Brooklyn developer!  

OSY valve for combined water main