Comprehensive Guide to Water Main and Sewer Replacements in NYC

Water main and sewer replacements occur throughout NYC on a daily basis. The primary goal is…

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Water Main & Sewer Repair

Modern Solutions for Water and Sewer Main Repair in NYC Boroughs: Partnering with Harris Watermain & Sewer

In the boroughs of New York City, where the heartbeat of urban life never skips a…

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Lead to copper water main replacement

What Is a DEP 45 Day Notice for a Lead Water Main?

Discovering that your property's water supply is compromised by a lead water main can be unsettling.…

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Water main cost pricing

How Much Does Water Main Installation Cost in 2024? An In-Depth Look

In 2024, the complexities surrounding the installation of a new water main have become more apparent,…

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DEP 3 day notice water main repair

Resolve Your DEP 3 Day Notice in Manhattan

Receiving a DEP 3-day notice due to a water main leak often comes unexpectedly for most…

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out with the lead pipe and in with the copper!

From Lead to Copper: Brooklyn’s Water Main Transformation

In the heart of Brooklyn, lies a hidden network of water distribution pipes, many of which…

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45 day DEP notice

Understanding the DEP 45-Day Notice Extension Request

A DEP 45 day notice is used by the Department of Environmental Protection to notify a…

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Lead water main replaced during meter installation

New Meter, New Rules: DEP’s Requirement to Replace Lead Water Mains Upon Meter Installation

Introduction In a significant move towards modernizing urban infrastructure, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has…

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Lead water main needs to be replaced with copper

A Guide to Managing and Replacing a Leaking Lead Water Main

A lead water main on its own is a huge concern. If you have a leaking…

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Lead water main leak

Children and Lead Water Main: What Every Parent Should Know

Water is important for many aspects of our daily life. However, if the source of water…

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