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The sprinkler main is installed

New sprinkler water main installed NYC

Recently in downtown Manhattan a group of hotels were required to update their water mains feeding the buildings internal sprinkler system. The hotels engineer was required to bring the fire sprinkler mains up to code, this required the existing fire sprinkler water mains to increase in size. Over the previous week Harris Water completed the […]

Rock drill

Rock Breaking for Water Main & Sewer Installation

Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors was hired by a development group to install the main water and sewer line for a new hotel in Manhattan. The work took place in midtown Manhattan and the project began like every other installation in NYC. After obtaining all DOT and DEP permits, Harris began excavating in the […]

Where is My Curb Valve Box

Most people don’t think twice about a curb valve until an emergency situation, or receiving a violation for not having one. There is also a common misconception as to when a building is required to have a curb valve, and when a curb valve is most often used. Where is your curb valve located? In […]

Water main break New York Armenian Home

Ductile Iron Fire Sprinkler Main Break – Flushing, Queens

Luckily the wet connection valve was successfully closed without causing any additional damage. What was expected to be a routine sprinkler main replacement, now required DEP to turn off the water main for the entire street while Harris removed the existing wet connection valve, and installed a new one.

The DEP “shut down” was Scheduled for the very next morning, but first had to be tested in the middle of the night. The test was successful, DEP shut down the city water main and Harris began the wet connection valve installation.

Ball valve

Corroded Water Main House Control Valve – How to Fix?

It is common for a property owner to utilize the house control valve for an internal plumbing repair, or if a new meter installation is required. The plumber must stop the water running from the city water main in the roadway, before he can perform any type of internal plumbing work. There are several reasons […]

new copper water line

How to Replace a Leaking Water Main in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Bronx

Both commercial and residential water main breaks occur throughout NYC on a daily basis. In most cases, the water line leak is a complete surprise and the average property owner is scrambling to find a solution. It is also a major misconception that the city is responsible for all water main and sewer piping under […]

Source of the leak

Curb Valve Leak Repaired in Queens

Recently in Queens, the homeowner of a single family residence contacted DEP as she started to notice a small stream of water coming up in front of her house. The homeowner was certain that the water was not coming from her pipe; the house was only 6 years old. After a two day investigation, DEP […]

New Sprinkler Main Installation

New Fire Sprinkler Main Installation Required by DOB Building Code

The Department of Buildings continues to update the code for fire sprinkler systems in residential occupancies throughout NYC. The updated code is requiring new construction, renovations and two and three family homes to install a sprinkler system. Fire Sprinkler mains are viewed a lifesaver, which is the exact reason why we are seeing stronger regulations more than ever.

Fire Sprinkler Water Main Break State St., Brooklyn

Early Tuesday Morning Harris received a phone call after a long time resident of State St., Brooklyn was notified that she had a broken fire sprinkler main feeding the sprinkler heads in her house. Her neighbor suggested calling Harris Water as they have been in the neighborhood for many years as well as having her sewer line replaced by Harris 2 years prior.

Locate and Expose Curb Valve Violation? -How to Resolve

for not having a curb valve visibly accessible on the sidewalk. There are several reasons as to why a domestic water line or fire sprinkler main would not have a curb valve exposed on the sidewalk as required. 1. The existing curb valve was covered when the sidewalk was cemented. 2. The main was not originally installed up