What To Expect Before an NYC DEP and DOB Sewer Inspection

New construction within New York City is, whether you like it or not, heavily regulated. The Department of Environmental Protection agencies closely associated with new construction and monitor sewer cross connections to public water mains. As such, your building project will, at some point, receive an official sewer inspection from the NYC DEP . Here’s what to expect before the process begins.

Pre-Inspection: New Sewer Construction Approval

The DEP conducts sewer and water main inspections following installation to ensure everything is properly set up and protected. However, approval from the DEP permitting new sewer construction is required before any project work commences. While working with certified plumbing contractors, you will determine the size, connection, and type of your proposed sewer and submit an SD1&2 form to the DEP. A Cross Connection Letter is also required when installing a new water main, RPZ and meter. The information provided to the Department of Environmental Protection must be accurate, as they will use it during their inspection later down the line. Furthermore, ensure you follow any specific regulations the DEP sets that are unique to your application.

Inspection: Post-Construction

The DEP conduct inspections until the entire water main and sewer system is completely installed. However, the surrounding land must remain excavated in case of a failed inspection that requires additional water services. The DEP will require specific documents upon arrival, including diagrams of the completed sewer, all relevant site connection proposals and SD1&2 forms, and all relevant permits. During the inspection, an agent will thoroughly investigate your piping, looking for any mistakes, potential hazards or violations of the regulations agreed upon before construction commenced.

Post-Inspection: Ensuring Success

Once complete, the DEP will either approve or deny your presented construction. If approved, excavated land is returned to normal, and the surrounding area is restored. If denied, further water services are required to meet the specific demands of the DEP. The easiest way to ensure a successful inspection process is by working with a quality contracting business that understands the complexities of New York sewer repair and new construction. Companies like ours provide successful and accurate construction services and help during the inspection process to eliminate stress and wasted time.

Understanding what to expect before an NYC DEP sewer inspection can make the entire situation easier and less stressful. For additional information and help with the Department of Environmental Protection or Department of Buildings, contact our friendly team at Harris Water Main and Sewer today!

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