Sewer Line Repair or Replace the Entire Sewer Line – Which Is the Better Option for You?
February 27, 2019

If you have become aware of an issue with your sewer line, it is first essential to understand what the problems are. You should not accept a sewer cleaner telling you that “the pipe is broken and must be replaced”. It is important to ask questions to assist in making the right decision for your needs.

Questions to ask
  1. Where is the actual problem with my pipe?  Can you provide me with the exact measurements? How many feet out from my sewer trap until i encounter the problem area.
  2. How many problems did you find with the pipe? Is it one problem where you think a single repair will resolve my issue?
  3. What is the existing material makeup of my sewer line? Is it cast iron and in good condition?  Is it a clay sewer line?
  4. Do you see any roots in my sewer line?

Once you have a firm response for each of these questions it is suggested to consult with a Licensed Master Plumber who can assist with making the right decision.

Factors to consider
  1. What is the cost difference in-between repairing my sewer pipe and replacing the entire sewer line?
  2. If you are on a budget and opt into a sewer line repair will the repair alone resolve your issue?
  3. Are you planning on restoring the facade of your house or doing any masonry work? If yes, does your sewer line run directly below the area you are looking to update?
  4. Have your or the previous property owner performed any repairs on the pipe and if yes, what are the details associated with the previous repair?

There are many facts to consider when trying to make the best decision for your property and your personal needs. It is suggested to speak openly with your licensed plumber to assist them in understanding the extreme details. Once all of your information is processed it should be followed by an on-site visit. Once on site, the plumber should obtain basic measurements along with a review for the sewer line layout in accordance to the home.

Now that all information is on the table you should be able to make an informed decision specific to your needs.