Brooklyn Resident Increases Water Pressure With New Water Main and Tap Connection
May 3, 2013

After suffering from a lack of water pressure over several years, a family in Brooklyn decided that it was time to do some research and ultimately increase the water pressure in their house.  The family had attempted to install new shower heads, use one bathroom at a time, and clean all of the plumbing fixtures; they wanted to avoid what they projected to be a huge and costly headache in a new water main installation.

After obtaining a few referrals from neighbors and some brief research on the web, the family decided to call Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors to assess the problem and provide professional feedback on how to resolve what had become an overly annoying issue.tap_and_copper_labeled

The Harris representative arrived on-site and quickly became aware that the existing water line was only 3/4” and the tap connection on the city main was only 5/8”, both the water line and tap connection were extremely undersized to properly support the amount of bathrooms and kitchens in the house.  It turns out that the house was renovated 15 years prior when the house contained 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen, which made more sense of the existing pipe size.  The water main was a very old and corroded lead pipe which also played a factor in the volume and pressure of water flowing through the pipe.

Harris was hired for the job and began working on all of the required DEP and DOT permits before the work could begin.  Harris also had to schedule an appointment with DEP for the installation of the new 1” tap connection, which would be hooked up to the new 1 ¼” copper water line.

The tap was scheduled for the following day when the Harris Water installation crew began excavating the roadway at 8:30 AM in preparation for DEP to install the new tap.  running_copper_pipeThe other members of the crew were working on digging the sidewalk and the property holes for the new copper pipe to be installed.  After the DEP installed the tap connection, the crew started to blow tunnels from one hole to the next which led them to installing the new copper water line all within 5 hours.

Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors was happy to assist this Brooklyn based family in alleviating all water pressure related problems, there was no more waiting in line to use a shower or being late due to a lack of water pressure. At Harris Water we take pride in being able to thoroughly assess all types of plumbing problems, while providing a suitable solution. There is no job too big or too small for Harris!