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Street excavation for pipe repair

Street Plumbing into Building NYC

A water main repair usually requires less trenching than a sewer repair and will require tunnels to be made below ground. Once the tunnels are completed, the copper pipe is pulled from one hole, to the next.

Preparing cast iron for installation

Roots Cleared From Sewer Results in Pipe Repair

Many homeowners in NYC will experience a sewer backup this year. The most common issue causing sewage to back up in the basement sewer trap, is due to roots. It is common for roots from a nearby tree to grow through the joints of a sewer line or even through the pipe itself if made […]

Harris Water Celebrates 99 years in business

Harris Water Main & Sewer Celebrates 99 Years

Shortly after WWI Harris Plumbing was established by Abraham Harris. At this time it was a mere dream to establish a successful company, let alone operating for the next 99 years. The company has been passed down from one generation to the next however, the company did experience a rough patch around the time of […]

New cast iron sewer installed

Sewer Line Repair Cost NYC

How much should your sewer line cost?

Ready for DEP

Broken Sewer Under Street Cause of Sewer Backups in Basement

The video inspection showed that the pipe had separated 26’ out from the house trap, which puts you underneath the roadway. It seems as if the pipes were not installed properly and the joints began to separate over time. As the sewage seeped out of the sewer pipe it continued to undermine the surrounding soil and began to cause a small sinkhole in the roadway.

Excavating begins

Root Intrusion Leads to Sewer Pipe Repair

Harris first tried to clear the line with a sewer snake and continued to hit an obstruction. The video inspection showed that the pipe was only replaced from the property line and the old clay pipe on the

Safety first!

Roots Cause of Broken Sewer – Quick Fix

This owner still attempted to have two more drain cleaners attempt to clear the sewer pipe, he was trying to avoid spending thousands or more dollars on a new sewer line replacement as well as digging up his property and roadway. He had a high pressure water jet, g

Installation completed

Rat in Sewer or Broken Sewer Causing Backups

Recently in Queens a homeowner had been experiencing a bad odor coming from the sewer in the basement. She wasn’t exactly sure where the odor was coming from and finally realized that there was a damp area around her sewer trap.

City sewer backup

Why Does Your Sewer Backup When it Rains

If you are lucky enough to get out of the situation with a clogged sewer, the process should take 1-2 hours before the pipe is cleared and functioning. If the sewer cleaning does not resolve your issue, you may have to insert a camera to determine what the actual problem is. If you have reached this point there is

installing new cast iron sewer pipe

What Does the Inside of Your Sewer Line Look Like?

The entire process of installing the new sewer line will take a total of two days, the new cast iron pipe is now installed on the property.