4 Reasons Why Pipe Diameter Is Important

March 3, 2023

The diameter of a pipe is the length of a line traveling from one point to an opposite point and passing through the pipe’s center. Pipe diameter influences how efficiently and effectively your plumbing system performs. Discover four reasons why pipe diameter is important.

Optimize Water Pressure

Pipe diameter affects the water pressure in your sewer system or water main. A larger pipe decreases water pressure, and a small diameter increases pressure. Optimal water pressure helps ensure that fluids move smoothly through the system and minimizes blockages forming in pipes.

Improve Throughput Capacity

Another reason pipe diameter is important is that it influences how well the pipe meets your throughput capacity. In other words, pipe size is one factor that determines whether your system moves an adequate volume of fluid.

Different types of pipes carry different kinds of fluids. The fluid’s characteristics, such as thickness or viscosity, help determine the appropriate pipe diameter for your needs.

Increase Service Life

Optimizing pipe size and velocity can increase the service life of your system. When fluids flow through undersized pipes, they move at an increased velocity. Higher velocity can accelerate the damage rate, increasing corrosion and pitting.

Once your water main or sewer system needs repair, you can’t ignore it. Damaged pipes are more likely to leak and cause structural damage to your home. Leaking pipes can also allow contaminants to enter the water system.

Balance Installment Cost and Performance

The primary factors determining pipe cost are materials, diameter, length, and installation services. An undersized piping system might be cheaper to install, but the service and energy costs will be very high compared to a system that uses properly sized pipes. Minimize the need for future system repairs and expensive maintenance with pipes of the appropriate size.

Pipe diameter influences water pressure, system efficiency, system service life, and the need for repairs. If you need the services of a trusted sewer and water main company in New York City, contact Harris Water Main and Sewer. We repair and install reliable water mains, sewer lines, and new construction plumbing. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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