What To Do During an Emergency Water Shortage

Water is an essential component for humans to survive; everyone uses it. As such, when a local shortage occurs, chaos ensues. Without this essential element, people feel confused, distraught, and worried. Here are some tips for what to do during an emergency water shortage to help calm you down.

Follow a Water Conservation Plan

If you’re in an area experiencing an environmental drought, always follow a safety conservation plan. Prepare and follow a water conservation plan with detailed safety instructions. If needed, purchase gallons of water for drinking or bathing. Inspect all leaks and turn off water valves to conserve water. Since you don’t know the duration of this drought, it’s important to stay on top of the current situation and reassess each day.

Find and Locate Emergency Sources

Locate emergency water sources. Test any existing emergency or backup water sources to ensure no nitrates or coliforms accumulate in the supply. Alternative water supplies, like water tanker trucks, bottled water, or aboveground systems are feasible alternatives to an underground municipal system. Test them to ensure they don’t have any hard or soft water. If they do, you may need to purchase additional softeners or treatments.

Call Your Municipality

When thinking about what to do during an emergency water shortage, call your local municipality to determine the duration and cause of the issue. Not every water shortage is due to environmental problems or uncontrollable issues. Sometimes, a broken water valve or disruption in the water treatment facility causes local temporary water shortages. Still, prepare yourself for any health advisories. Service interruptions affect water quality which can cause health issues if the water gets ruined by bacteria, heavy metals, or other contaminants.

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