How Winter Weather Conditions Impact Water Mains

Winter in New York is no walk in the park—the dropping temperatures can wreak havoc on your home, specifically water supply lines. If these issues are allowed to progress, the cost of repairs can be dramatic, not to mention the stress of dealing with frozen systems. Here is how winter weather conditions impact water mains and how you can identify the issue before it’s too late.

Identifying The Problem

Before you learn about the impact of cold temperatures on water mains, it’s important to know how to identify the problem. The most common sign of frozen water main is if your faucets aren’t releasing water, even when turned on. In this instance, your water main supply line is completely frozen solid and will require servicing. Another sign of a frozen water main is the presence of water damage in your home. This is caused by ruptures in your plumbing system stemming from a pressure buildup.

Impact I: Pressure-Caused Ruptures

Frozen water in your water main supply line creates a hexagonal arrangement and expands rapidly. This, in turn, leads to a blockage that effectively blocks the flow of water and, most importantly, causes pressure to build within your system. Additionally, the subterranean frost line can put over 400lbs of downward force onto your water main supply line. These conflicting forces often cause immense ruptures that require significant repairs and professional help.

Impact II: Ground Shifting

The pressure caused by water crystallization doesn’t just put your water main at risk of rupturing—pressure can also lead to ground shifting, stemming from warping and moving supply lines. Ground shifting is very detrimental to your foundation’s structural integrity and can displace your supply line’s arrangement.

Understanding how winter weather conditions impact water mains is essential for any property owner, especially when identifying the problem and seeking adequate help. If you need sewer assistance for your residence, consider our DEP water main break services offered here at Harris Main and Water!

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