Factors To Consider Before Planting Trees

April 12, 2021

How to treat tree roots?

Adding trees to your area is a great idea. Trees help improve the air quality while beautifying the landscape. If you’re considering planting trees in your area, first peruse these main factors to consider before planting trees.

Type of Tree

As much as somebody in Manhattan may want to fill their local park with palm trees, there are environmental factors that could prohibit tropical plants from thriving in such an area. Before deciding what trees to plant, research on local and native tree species. Native plants are more likely to thrive in their natural environments.

It’s also essential to consider how much sunlight the tree will get. Sunlight considerations are essential for determining what type of tree would do well in the spot you have in mind.


Location is one of the most important factors to consider before planting trees. Trees have roots, which grow far and wide underground—where most of the infrastructure for sewer and water pipes are.

Before planting a tree it’s essential to contact your local ordinance to learn where it’s safe to do so. While the tree may be a small sapling now, someday it will be a large, fully grown tree with potentially destructive roots.


New York City requires different permits for different tree planting types and areas. For example, planting trees around your building requires different permits and considerations compared to doing the same in a park. Contacting the city before planting trees is vital so you know where essential plumbing and sewage systems are and how you can avoid major disasters. Partnering with a water main and sewer contracting company who have a strong bond with the city is a great way to get the correct permits and plant safely.

When executed correctly, planting trees around your building or neighborhood is a great service to the entire area. On the other hand, planting trees without doing proper research can lead to tree root, damaged pipes, and even major water service interruptions.

If you think a tree root may have interfered with your area’s water main, contact experts in water main repair Brooklyn NYC. Harris Water Main and Sewer Contractors are professionals in the New York City area. We have the relationships with local ordinances and know every permit you need. Contact us today for more information on our services.

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