Reasons why it is Better to Replace a Water Main & Sewer During Winter or Summer
April 19, 2019

We find that most property owners assume it is better to replace their water main or sewer during the warmer seasons. Many people also assume that replacing their pipes are not an option during the winter.

In most cases, a licensed subsurface water main and sewer contractor performs installation work all year around. There really inst any change in the work from a cost perspective. If you change your water main or sewer during the winter, it will not cost you any more than it would in the summer.

Mid winter installation
Mid winter installation

There are a few minor variables required of the DOT when working during the winter but nothing that would impact the installation, cost for the property owner or the quality of work. During the winter months, the NYC DOT requires the contractor to countersink the roadway plates and hang “Lift Plow” signs.

The reason for the countersinking is to avoid the snow plows from moving the plates after a snowstorm. Once the steel roadway plates are countersunk, they should remain flush with the surrounding asphalt.

Lift plow sign

Countersinking of roadway plate
Countersinking of roadway plate

Other than that the field crews layer up and perform both water main and sewer installations as if it were the middle of August and sunny.

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