Water Saving Tips for Commercial Buildings

Often property owners only become aware of a possible issue with their water main after experiencing tangible side-affects. This may include an increase in their water bill, or noticing an irregular noise coming from the water main near the foundation wall. Making sure your appliances and plumbing are up-to-date and properly maintained is the best way to keep your water bill down.

If you are experiencing a higher than normal water bill, the first step is to contact your local water company and request that they inspect your meter. It’s possible that the water meter is defective and requires an upgrade. In the event that somebody tampered with the meter, the water company will most likely require you to hire a private licensed plumber to obtain a permit and replace the existing meter.

At the same time, the property owner should speak with any tenants and determine if there has been any increase in water usage over the span of your raised water bill.

However, if you hear significant noise coming from the water main at the point where it enters the building, you should immediately contact a licensed plumber to investigate. Even if the noise appears to be extremely faint, it’s suggested to call someone with a trained ear to evaluate and determine if there are any concerns. Taking preemptive actions may end up saving you money on your water bill for your commercial or residential building.

If the plumber has concluded that the water main is leaking, you’ll need to have the broken water main repaired completed within a few days to avoid any long term damage to the building.

The water main repair process is usually standardized and goes smooth when working with a professional plumber. This smooth process allows for the water to be turned back on for the building the same day the repair is completed.

If the meter is functional and there does not appear to be any noise coming from the pipe, it’s time for your internal plumber to begin water leak investigation on the inside of the building.

It’s important to provide any information on wet spots you have noticed, areas where water pressure has decreased, and areas where you physically see a small leak or drip on the pipe.

If you have any questions specific to identifying a water main leak, or if you have additional questions on how to save on your water bill, talk with a NYC licensed master plumber for more information.

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