Water Pressure Problems in Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens

Many people live with water pressure problems for years an even a lifetime in many cases. People may live in a house for 50 years and get accustomed to the way the pressure was when they moved in the house. It is very common for the new owner to first become aware of a pressure problem after moving into the house, this is why it is always suggested to inspect for lead pipes and utilize all plumbing fixtures prior to moving.

A good way to test the system is to run several faucets throughout the house and turn on the shower on the buildings top floor, this is the ultimate test for accessing proper water pressure. The new owner should also factor any additional bathroomโ€™s they may be adding prior to moving in, this will also have a negative impact on pressure throughout the house.

4 quick steps for accessing water pressure

  1. Is your pressure problem with hot water only, or both hot and cold water? You should run both hot and cold water, if you are experiencing problems with hot water only, this very well may be your hot water heater.
  2. Is the pressure problem with all faucets in the house or one particular sink? If the pressure problem is isolated to one or two sinks, you should investigate whether the faucets need to be cleaned, it may be debris that is restricting the water
  3. Inspect all valves throughout your house. It is common for a valve to get stuck in a halfway closed position which is restricting the flow of water. If this is the case, you can close the valve at the point where the water line enters your home and have the restrictive valve replaced.
  4. Determine the age and material of the pipes throughout your home, as well as the pipe coming in from the roadway. If your pipes are made of anything other than copper, it is always suggested to replace the pipe from the city main in the roadway, to inside the foundation wall.

Replacing the water line

Homeowners throughout the five boroughs replace thousands of water mains on an annual basis. Many of the replacements are due to leaking or broken pipes however, it is becoming a common practice to replace the main water line as a precautionary measure. Most homeownerโ€™s are aware that the price continues to rise and want to avoid an all-out emergency.

Watch a step by step guide for all details included in a water line replacement HERE

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