Water Main & Sewer Installation Queens NYC

September 17, 2021

If you are considering replacing the water main or sewer system that feeds your house it is important to understand the process from both a visual and technical standpoint.

On this particular installation the property owner had been experiencing sewage back ups for several months when they decided to have a professional drain cleaning company try to clear the sewer and perform a professional diagnosis. After the sewer snake continued to hit an obstruction 22′ from the main house sewer trap it was decided to perform a video inspection on the sewer.

The video was able to determine that the old clay sewer pipe had collapsed and the sewage was no longer reaching the city sewer. It also determined that the entire sewer line was made of clay which is why it made sense to replace the entire pipe at once, instead of repairing one section of the pipe.

While investigating the sewer the drain cleaner noticed that the water main was made of lead. It was suggested that the lead water main was replaced with copper while the roadway was opened. To their surprise, the property owner ended up saving thousands of dollars replacing the water main at the same time as the sewer. They were also happy to no longer have lead pipes feeding their house!

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