Water Main Leak Resolved In Manhattan

Two weeks ago our customer called us in a panic after experiencing a water leak coming through the foundation wall of her basement. First she called DEP to investigate. It is common to assume all water main leaks on the outside foundation wall will be resolved by NYC.

Unfortunately in New York City, the property owner is responsible for all leaking water mains from the house to the city main. The proper owner first became aware after the city rep issued a violation for the leaking water main. The notice required the pipe to be replaced within three days to avoid any further issues.

Our field supervisor arrived at the building to investigate within 2 hours and quickly confirmed the pipe was leaking. Team Harris was now required to excavate the roadway, sidewalk and foundation wall before installing the new copper pipe. The installation was scheduled for the very next day.

The crew arrived at 9AM and our office obtained the DOT emergency work permit. Six hours later the entire area was excavated and we were ready for the old lead water main to be removed. We are now ready for the new 2″ copper water main to be installed. The installation required the pipe to be connected in three separate locations. To the city main in the roadway, with a new curb valve below the sidewalk and inside with a new control valve.

After ten hours of work the new main was installed and feeding the building with lead free water!

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