Water Main Installed for Garden in Bushwick Brooklyn

The idea of neighborhood gardens are being promoted throughout Brooklyn. The goal is to provide a positive andย  environment for families to spend time outside as well as the atmospheric benefit.

Each garden location will require a water main to maintain and water the plantings. Earlier in the week we installed the first water main of many to be installed.

We first began by marking the street and sidewalk for the locations we would be digging.

Street marking for new water main Street marking for new water main



The next step was to prepare the city water main for the new tap installation. The tap is the valve that will control the volume and pressure of water from the city main, to the garden.

City main ready for new tap  

New tap installed for water main connection

Now the crew can focus on installing the new copper water main starting with making tunnels below ground from one hole, to the next.

New copper connected to tap connection on city main new copper installed through water main tunnels



In most cases we advise against installing a curb valve for a copper water main. If the water main is installed properly there is no need for a curb valve, the internal valve will function for over 60 years. The curb valve would only serve as a point for the water main to leak in the future.

In the case of an outdoor garden the curb valve is a must due to freezing conditions throughout the winter. If we left the water main with water up to the valve, there is a good chance that it would freeze and break. The main control valve is installed on the property in an area designated for a hot box which will keep the meter, RPZ and valve warm throughout the winter months.

Water main curb valve

Water main curb valve

Control valve ready for hot box

Control valve ready for hot box

Now that the water main installation is complete the water meter and RPZ will be installed in preparation for a new and beautiful garden in Bushwick Brooklyn.


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