Utility Company Breaks Water Main to be Replaced on Emergency Basis

On Tuesday evening we received a phone call from a homeowner in New York City who stated that a utility contractor was working under the sidewalk in front of their house and suddenly lost water. She quickly approached the working crew who confirmed that they broke her lead water main by accident but could not replace the pipe, she now needed a licensed plumber.

Harris Water & Sewer first received the call at 4PM from a frantic homeowner, “I have kids, tenants and cannot be without water tomorrow morning”. Harris was quick to send a supervisor to the scene for the initial investigation and had a service truck on site within 4 hrs..

It was now 8PM and the water main installation crew requested that the main office obtain the emergency DOT permit to begin working. Lucky for the homeowner the other utility company was kind enough to start digging in the roadway to speed up the new copper water main installation process.

Safety first

Once the safety barriers were setup for pedestrians and traffic to flow freely, the crew began exacting in the roadway to close the customer’s water from the city connection (AKA water main tap connection).

Harris continued to excavate in the roadway for 5 hours before the grounds were ready for new cooper piping installation.  

Excavating for the new water main

Excavating for the new water main

Finally after hours of working the house had water as usual, the new water main was installed and Harris Water has another satisfied customer.

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