Top Reasons the Water Main Leak Is Not Yours

It is common for a property owner to experience water leaking in front of their property but is the leak yours? In many cases the leak may surface in the street, sidewalk or the front lawn of your property however, it is hard to understand that the leak is your issue.

After being in business for over 100 years we continue to hear feedback from our customers on why the water leak is not their problem and they should not have to fix the leak. This feedback usually comes after the property owner received a violation from the city stating that they have 3 days or 10 days to fix the problem.

In some cases the property owner may experience the water leaking in front of their neighbors home and it is understandable why they would question the source of the leak. In other cases the owner may not even see a leak but does receive information from the city that their water line is leaking and they are responsible for replacing the pipe. In a case like this it is very understandable that someone would question the leak, it onlyย  makes sense!

If you are in a similar scenario and find yourself making the same claims and have the same questions it is best to call a licensed master plumber for a professional opinion. It is also important to note that the plumber will most likely not charge a fee for the on site evaluation and there really is no downside to scheduling this meeting.

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