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We began filming the “reality” type series for our customers to understand the exact details regarding their water main or sewer installation. Most of the time an estimator will make a site visit, explain what is required for the repair but it is really hard to understand the extent of the work without a visual representation.

As we continue to film more of the live job site videos we are receiving feedback from our customers on how helpful the videos are, and how they would never truly understand the extent of the work without the visual guidance.

We hope you continue to enjoy our job site videos,ย  if you have any comments or feedback please feel free to call our office or comment on our YouTube page!

For this particular job our customer had been experiencing sewer back ups for many years and finally got tired of dealing with the mess. The back ups were starting to occur more often which began to create fear for permanent damage inside of our customers basement.

While estimating for the sewer repair we became aware that the water main runs directly on top of the sewer and it was made of lead. We explained that this was an opportune time to capitalize on the roadway being open and replace the water main at the same time as the sewer. Luckily for our customer they agreed, replaced the water main and saved a considerable amount of money while replacing the water main at the same time!

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