Signs Your Water Main or Water Line Is Damaged

Signs Your Water Main or Water Line Is Damaged

A damaged water main or water line can lead to adverse consequences that cost you more money in the long run. Explore the most prominent signs your water main or water line is damaged.

Your Water Bill Is Higher Than Normal

If your water usage did not undergo significant changes, yet your bill is climbing higher than normal every month, this can signify an issue with your water main or water line. Water lines and mains can experience leaks that allow water to escape. While this may not create a noticeable leak in your building, it could affect your water usage and billing.

The Water Pressure Is Low

If your water pressure used to be satisfactory and is now lacking, one possible culprit is the water main or line. The way to tell if your low water pressure issue is the water main or a supply line is if the water pressure is low throughout the building. If it’s just one shower or faucet with bad water pressure, the issue may not be as drastic.

You Hear Water Running—But Can’t Locate It

If sometimes it sounds like water is dripping, running, or present in your building, but you’re sure no faucets are on, you could be experiencing a symptom of water main or supply line damage. It could also mean there is a leak inside the walls that you need to address.

Your Water Smells Odd

Water should not have a smell. If the water in your building starts to smell rusty or foul, it could be a sign of corrosion in your pipes. This can also be characterized by red or rusty-looking water. When a water main bursts, it can affect your clean water supply, making it smell odd.

There are many different signs your water main or water line is damaged. While these signs may indicate a damaged water main or water line, consulting experts before you need an emergency water main repair is crucial. Contact Harris Main Water and Sewer Contractors today for more information.

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