Sewer replacement Broome St. Manhattan

A newly renovated building started to experience a sewer problem after occupying the space for one week. After having a video inspection performed on the existing 6” clay sewer pipe, the plumber revealed several breaks and sagging joints through the sewer line.

Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors started working on the job immediately. Due to the location of the required sewer replacement, the DOT issued weekend only hours for the replacement. This was an issue for the homeowners as the new pipe installation would take more than two days, and would have to deal with the sewer problem for longer than anticipated.

Harris on site

Safety first!

Harris Water was attempting to resolve the bulk of the sewer problem over the first weekend to avoid the sewer backups for more than one week. After all permits had been obtained, the on-site crew began digging the roadway when they encountered several other utility lines. This was going to require a lot of hand digging, as opposed to digging with a backhoe which is quicker.


New sewer pipe

The crew knew they were up against the clock due to the restricted working hours and the severity of the owner’s sewer problem. They continued to work through Sunday when they were able to replace the section of pipe that was causing the majority of the sewer backups. The existing clay pipe was replaced with new 8” cast iron pipe. The roadway was not set with steel plates before Harris could come back the next weekend.

One week later Harris continued to dig and replaced the entire sewer line from inside the building, to the city sewer connection. The DEP passed all inspections and Harris Sewer completed another sewer line replacement in Manhattan.

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