Sewer Line Camera Inspections – Why Do You Need One?

What is a sewer camera inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is just like it sounds, a camera is used to record video footage on the inside of our sewer line. Of course this specialized camera is extremely durable and water proof to avoid any damage if your sewer is actively backed up.

The camera is inserted through he main house sewer trap and is pushed out to the roadway where the city sewer is located. In a case where your pipe is broken or disjointed, the camera will only travel up to this point with the goal to identify why your sewer is backing up and how to resolve the issue.

A few common issues that a camera inspection will identify include tree roots growing inside of your pipe, dislodged joints, cracks, breaks, a back pitch or a belly. As long as your sewer line is not completely full of water the camera inspection should be able to get a clear reading on the problem. At this point your licensed plumber will assist you with the best course of action to assist in getting your sewer line to function properly.

When should you perform a camera inspection?

In some cases a new homeowner may decide to perform an inspection just to see the existing condition and potentially become aware of any problem before they move in and begin using the sewer.

It is also suggested to obtain a camera inspection if you are experiencing more than two sewer back ups per year. In this case it is suggested as a precautionary measure and the worst case is that you have become aware of a few minor issues or one major issue that must be repaired.

If you have become aware of a sinkhole on your property, sidewalk or the roadway fronting your house. Sinkholes are a common sign of a broken sewer which can easily be identified with a camera inspection. It is important to understand your sewer may be broken however, this does not mean that it is backing up into your house. The sewage may escape out of the broken section of your pipe and undermine the grounds,Β  which is what would cause the sinkhole.

If you have any questions regarding your sewer line, a potential sewer break or the need for a camera inspection it is important to speak with a licensed plumber to assist in understanding your risk, as well as the next best decision for your property.

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