Repairs NYC’s Service Line Protection Program Doesn’t Cover

New York City’s voluntary Service Line Protection Program (SLPP) provides coverage for certain repairs needed on water and sewer service lines. However, it’s important to note that the program will not service many kinds of repairs. Discover the repairs NYC’s Service Line Protection Program doesn’t cover, and learn how we can help.

Back-Pitched or Bellied Sewer Lines

The most common reason for service denial from the program is back-pitched or bellied sewer lines. In NYC, the house sewer must slope down toward the city sewer. When the sewer line slopes toward the house instead, that is considered a back-pitched line.


A bellied sewer line has sections of pipe that sag or bend. Bellies can form over time due to improper bedding during installation, temperature fluctuations, soil erosion, and other factors.


The city’s program does not cover these repairs. Instead, you must hire a contractor to excavate and replace the pipe to correct the alignment and restore functionality.


Water Main and Sewer Pipes Broken Inside the Foundation Wall

Another repair NYC’s Service Line Protection Program doesn’t cover is broken or damaged sewer pipes located inside foundation walls. These pipes can develop cracks or fractures and break or collapse inside the foundation wall of your home, resulting in sewage leaks sewage backups.


The program does not cover these repairs, and if you experience problems with your sewer pipes in your foundation wall, you need fast assistance. A licensed master plumber can provide a cost estimate and determine an effective repair solution.


Improper Design or Installation

Improper design or installation of water and sewer pipes can cause various problems over time. Design flaws may include misaligned joints, inadequate pipe sizing, or insufficient support for the pipes. Homeowners may experience frequent leaks, clogs, or compromised water flow in the plumbing because of these issues.


Improper design and installation can result from poor work or illegal installation. Illegally installed lines do not meet NYC’s requirements, so it’s essential to correct these lines to ensure proper operation and prevent further problems.


The city’s protection program will not service repairs caused by improper design or installation, nor will it service illegally installed lines. Contact a licensed master plumber for corrections such as reconfiguring the pipe layout, replacing pipe sections, adding support, and bringing your system up to code.


Denied Coverage? Call Harris

If you’ve been denied service or coverage with NYC’s Service Line Protection Program, hire Harris Water Main and Sewer contractors. We can perform the repairs mentioned above, as well as repair the following:


  • • Private sewer mains broken below a stoop or steps
  • • Broken or leaking water main taps
  • • Pipes broken by third party damage
  • • Pipes damaged from natural disasters


We offer a wide range of replacement services, too. We can replace sewer traps, pipes damaged from normal wear and usage, sewers that are not up to code, and frozen water mains.


Our extensive experience meeting NYC DEP standard sewer and water main specifications ensures that no matter your emergency, you receive quality service. We also work on homes that are not habitable, which are not covered by the Service Line Protection Program. Contact us today for more information.

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