Rat in Sewer or Broken Sewer Causing Backups

Recently in Queens a homeowner had been experiencing a bad odor coming from the sewer in the basement. She wasn’t exactly sure where the odor was coming from and finally realized that there was a damp area around her sewer trap. She called her local plumber to clear the sewer line and decided to have a video inspection completed as a precautionary measure.

It turns out that there were rats living in her sewer line and were the source of her sewer backing up. The head of the video camera ended up pushing two rats out of the homeowner’s sewer and into the city sewer.

Another recent case in Queens

This homeowner was not as lucky after becoming aware that her clay sewer line had a break in it, and had to be replaced with a 20’ section of new cast iron pipe.

First the on-site crew had to dig with a backhoe on the property and extend the trench across the sidewalk.

Digging for sewer

Once the crew reached a depth of 8’ they began shoring the hole for safety before the new cast iron pipe was installed.  At this point we obtained a DEP inspection.

Installing new cast iron

Installation completed

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