Prevent Frozen Water Lines During Winter Months
November 16, 2018

Winter is here and so are the frozen and leaking water mains. Like clockwork, the temperatures dropped below freezing last weekend and New York City residents have begun experiencing broken and frozen water mains. There a few steps that can be taken as a precautionary measure:

  1. If you feel that you are susceptible to freezing pipes we suggest that you keep a small and steady stream of water running through the pipes 24/7. The theory is that moving water will not freeze which has been proven to work.
  2. If you have “cold spots” throughout your home we suggest having a licensed electrician install heat tape or heat the designated area.
  3. You can apply insulation to the cold areas which will certainly help however, this is not a guarantee to work.

Unfortunately if you are reading this article there is a good chance that you are suffering from one of these issues and need a quick resolution. It is most important to have a professional asses the situation on site and provide feedback before making any final conclusions.

Watch our step by step video on the water main installation process here