NYC Water Main Repair Satisfies DEP 3 Day Notice

There are extreme challenges when working on a Manhattan water main leak. The first challenge that we may encounter is the severity of the water main leak and the time associated with determining the source of the leak. It is common for a property owner to receive a DEP 3 day notice violation stating that they have three days to repair their water main, but how do you know the leak is actually yours?

Unfortunately it is the property owners responsibility to hire a NYC licensed master plumber to obtain permits and excavate the roadway in adherence to the DEP violation notice. That’s right, the property owner is responsible for paying a contractor just to confirm that the city is accurate with their violation notice. With that said, the DEP is accurate 98% of the time and in the rare event that the 3 day notice has been issued in an error, the city comptrollers office is responsible for reimbursing the owner. I know this may seem hard to believe but we have never had a customer who received the 3 day notice in error and did not get paid back by the city. It is suggested to prepare yourself to be patient for the payment but you will always get reimbursed as long as the notice was issued in error.

In the event that the 3 day notice was issued accurately, the contractor will proceed to close your connection on the city main stop the water main leak. Now that the water has stopped your plumber will proceed with the water main repair, including all permits and self certifications as required by DEP.

If you have received a DEP 3 day notice and are not entirely sure how to manage the process it is important to speak with an experienced NYC licensed master plumber who can assist with the process.

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