NYC DEP Turns Off Leaking Fire Sprinkler Main-10 Day Notice

There are a few reasons why DEP would turn off the water main service for a domestic water main or a fire sprinkler main. The most common reason would be if there was a severe leak in the roadway, or surfacing from the public sidewalk. In this case the DEP would perform an excavation of the roadway and close the city tap connection. Once the connection is closed the property owner is issued a 10 day notice which is part of the standard notification process.

Now you must hire a licensed plumber to assist with replacing the water main before the DEP violation is satisfied. The process is routine and any licensed master plumber that is bonded with the NYC DOT can perform the repair work.

The first step is obtaining permits with DEP which will allow the plumber to schedule an inspection when the work is completed. The DOT permit will be released on an emergency basis once the work crew arrives to the location. The standard sprinkler replacement including 25′ of new pipe will take place over a two day period. In many cases the crew will excavate on the first day and complete the piping and installation on the second day. These details may vary pending the specifics of a particular job site.

The overall goal is to replace the defective section of piping as quick as possible and assist the property owner with water flowing into their building. It is understandable that these types of repairs are unexpected and require immediate attention to avoid any secondary issues. In many cases the property owner will stay at a family members house or a hotel until the water is successfully feeding the building. Unfortunately the city may not provide any notice to the property owner and may end up digging the street in the middle of the night to only wake up to no water in their pipes.

If you are experiencing a similar issue or have questions about a DEP 10 day or 3 day notice, it is important to contact a licensed master plumber to review on site and provide a detailed report of what is required to resolve the issue.

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