New Water Mains Installed for Community Gardens Brooklyn
January 19, 2019

Over the previous months Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors has joined forces with NYRP (New York Restoration Project’s) to assist in building a positive environment throughout Brooklyn. The NYRP continues to establish and develop gardens throughout New York City’s five boroughs and assist with creating tranquility for the community.

What makes a garden installation different from the typical?

A standard domestic water main installation is very similar to the water mains we have been installing for the NYC gardens. Both water mains are made of copper and they both connect to the city main at the tap connection.

Copper water main connection to the city main
Connection to city main

The primary difference is the requirement for additional shut off valves to be installed which is ultimately to avoid the pipes from freezing over the winter months. This project required one curb valve located within two feet of the curb line under the sidewalk and another valve just inside the property line.

Curb valve
Curb valve

Once the valves are in we set a curb box sleeve which will allow the water to be turned on and off from above ground with a special key.

Curb box is installed
Curb box is installed

The final valve we installed is the main control valve which is installed on a concrete pad and will have a special enclosure built around the pad once the backflow preventer installation is complete.

Installing main control valve for copper water main on concrete padThe installation included 11/2″ K grade copper from the street connection, to inside  the property as displayed above.

11/2" copper water main installed
11/2″ copper water main installed

All of the excavations were backfilled in anticipation of the final restoration for the sidewalk and roadway.

Sidewalk restoration with curb box
Sidewalk restoration
Restoration of roadway with asphalt
Roadway restoration
Who is NYRP & what is the mission?

The cornerstone of New York Restoration Project’s (NYRP) mission and work continues to be the restoration, re-design, maintenance and programming of the organization’s 52 community gardens located throughout New York City’s five boroughs. In today’s urban environment, NYRP’s community gardens provide tranquility where concrete otherwise rules – functioning as urban farms, free social gathering spaces and outdoor classrooms in areas of the city where public parks or other open spaces do not or simply cannot exist.  NYRP partners with community residents to ensure that these outdoor green spaces continue to thrive and forever remain open for free public use. Some of NYRP gardens are wheelchair, visually, and learning-impaired accessible.