New Water Main In Brooklyn Increases Water Pressure

February 14, 2022

If you are looking to increase the amount of water pressure in your home it is a very simple task. You simply install a larger size water main than what you currently have and your pressure will increase! This is a common misconception and it is actually not that easy.

First your licensed plumber must perform a calculation to determine what size water main is required for your home. The calculation is based on the amount of plumbing fixtures, total linear footage of pipe to be installed, as well as a few other details. Part of this calculation will factor the right size tap connection required for your new water main.

The tap is the valve that connects your water main to the city pipes. The larger your tap, the more volume and pressure inside of your home. It is very important to understand that increasing the pipe size, and connecting back to the existing tap will not necessarily improve upon the water pressure in your home. It is possible that your tap size is adequate and the pipe is undersized.Β  It is suggested not to make any assumptions and make sure that your plumber obtains city records to assist in making the right decision.

In NYC the tap is installed by the city and the plumber is responsible for preparing the city main for the new installation. The plumber will obtain all permits, excavate the roadway and prepare for the city to drill in the new tap connection. Now that the city is done with the new tap installation the larger size pipe is installed by the plumber which will then be inspected and signed off.

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