New Fire Sprinkler Main Installed In Brooklyn

A developer in Brooklyn recently purchased new property in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. He was caught off guard when he became aware that his building was going to require a new fire sprinkler main for protection, this was not figured in his investment cost. At this point he was too far into the project and hired an architect to work on the DOB approved plans and DEP Cross Connection approval.  Both of these two documents are required for all new fire sprinkler main installations.

Sample DOB approved plan

DEP cross connection approval

Once the plans are approved, the licensed plumber now submits for the DEP and DOT permits. Once both of the permits are released, the new installation is scheduled to start.

The first day consists of excavating in the roadway in preparation for the new DEP supplied wet connection. A wet connection is the valve that connects the new sprinkler main, to the city water main.

Roadway excavation

Now that the excavations are completed and ready for the wet connection, the contractor can begin installing the ductile iron sprinkler pipe. First the pipe is installed from the wet connection, to the curb valve which is located under the sidewalk. The curb valve can be accessed from the sidewalk with a special tool (“curb key”) and is used to control the water from the city main.

Curb valve and sprinkler pipe

From this point, the piping is installed through the foundation wall where the new OS&Y valve is installed. The OS&Y valve is another valve which controls the water from the street and is accessible from the inside of the building.

OS&Y valve

Once the new piping is inspected, the roadway and sidewalk are back-filled and permanently restored to comply with DOT regulations. 

Restoration complete

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