Does Your Insurance Company Cover Lead Water Main Replacements?

There has been a lot of talk regarding the possibility of NYC requiring homeowners to update their lead water mains with new copper pipe. As a result we have been receiving calls from homeowners throughout the city, most people want to know if the “talks” are factual or if we have any additional information.

The most common question we are receiving has to do with their insurance company or other prospective insurance companies. People want to try and get ahead of the curve before insurance companies “catch on”, and hope that the insurance company will cover what may be a new NYC DEP requirement.

Harris Water Main & Sewer Contractors has been working throughout New York City for 100 years and continues to replace thousands of water mains on a continuous basis.

 It has been our experience that a homeowner’s insurance policy has never covered any of the cost for a lead to copper water main upgrade. We have had hundreds of customers try to get their insurance company to cover the cost over the years and nobody has been successful.

We have also worked with New York City sponsored insurance companies as well as other insurance companies who specialize in insuring water mains and sewers for properties throughout NYC.  We have also had hundreds of customers try to get these types of insurance companies to cover lead to copper water main upgrades and have been notified that this falls outside of the terms of agreement.

If you are interested in understanding why so many homeowners are removing their lead water mains and having copper installed, feel free to call the main office and get an understanding of the pros and cons. As well as an understanding of the rising costs associated with a lead water line replacement. 

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