How to Maintain a Fire Sprinkler System

All buildings containing a fire sprinkler system must maintain upkeep with that system in accordance with the FDNY regulations. The first requirement includes an alarm system for the sprinkler main that is connected to a company operating with the FDNY central station.

General Maintenance and Upkeep Requirements for Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems must be inspected in accordance to the National Fire Alarm Code standards, which are based on the type of system installed. The person whom you have completing the inspection should hold a Certificate of Fitness for City Wide Sprinkler Systems—as this is required by law.

Building Owner Responsibilities:

Operating requirements include the building owner to preemptively manage and schedule the required fire alarm system testing and maintenance. This responsibility includes making sure the sprinkler system grows with any alterations or additions to the existing system.

The owner is responsible to maintain records for all inspections, which must be stored in the same building as the fire sprinkler system for a minimum of three years. If the building is found to be in violation of the requirement, the owner may be responsible for attending a hearing as well as resolving any open violations on the building.

It should be known that the Fire Department may arrive unannounced at the building to spot check records and sprinkler system. To ensure your building or records are available for random checks, buildings tenants or staff should be aware of where the records are stored.

New System Requirements:

If you have a new fire sprinkler installation in NYC these rule may vary depending on the year. Check with your local Fire Department on regulations specific to your new installation.

It’s also important to understand that the property owner is responsible for installing the new sprinkler pipes from the roadway to inside the building with a new OSY valve. The installation must be completed by a NYC Licensed Master Plumber who specializes in sub surface water main and sewer installations. The plumber must also hold a special bond with the NYC DOT which allows for excavation and restoration of the roadway.

Curb Valve Requirement:

Whether the sprinkler main is new or not, the building is always required to have a curb valve accessible for the Fire Dept. to utilize on the outside of the building. In the event that the existing sprinkler main does not have a curb valve installed, the property owner must hire a licensed plumber to install a new curb valve. These details may vary depending on the age and condition of the exiting pipe.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an existing fire sprinkler system, or the need for a new fire sprinkler main, you should contact a reputable and experienced plumber to assist.

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